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  1. Pretty sure it was their B team. We did have a friendly pencilled in against the full West German but was cancelled. All off off top of my head mind.
  2. Has anyone got that pic of the Pig and Mini pig holding hands?
  3. This is our 150th year.
  4. They were pissed up - every club has pissed up fans at every away game They didn't have tickets/had fake tickets - shown to be irrelevant whether they did or didn't. The Stand was UNDER capacity when the disaster happened
  5. Looks like there is a football special train at 0955 - calling at Wakefield only.
  6. 690 - should go to zico.b
  7. I'm not arguing that it isn't, I'm saying it shouldn't be the case.
  8. So should a South Stand ST holder be first on the queue over Kop and North Stand ST holders because they've paid more?
  9. Why should corporate fans who haven't been to an away game all season get priority over normal fans who've been to a dozen? Because they've paid more money? How about giving South Stand ST holders more priority than North Stand ST holders?
  10. Confirmed that the tickets were sold earlier than they thought was possible because they've given loads to 'corporate guests' What a joke.
  11. I'd really have to just accept it as being a genuine mistake if it was one, but you just know a fair chunk of tickets will have gone to people not deserving of one - i.e. agents, ex-players (Lee Peacock at Brighton last year), and others with inside contacts. That's what they probably didn't count on when calculating when the tickets would sell out.
  12. Really not on. Already set off for the ticket office ready for 1pm. Prepared an email to go on the back-up list as soon as it sold out but wasn't expecting it to be so early and loads will have got there before me. Not happy.
  13. I'm on 640 - just scraped into the fourth batch so will have to hope it doesn't sell out when it can and be quick off the mark at 3pm. Not it counting my chickens - if anyone knows of a spare ticket knocking about please let me know. I know I've 'only' attended 14 away matches in the last two seasons, but I've been to every home game and countless friendlies and youth games (been to more U23 away games than first team!).