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  1. Still not understanding why we're risking Lees, Bannan, Reach and Pudil. Shows how litte depth we have outside the front line
  2. U23s 1pm ko

    Not bullshit
  3. Roland Nilsson first player on the dream wall

    Tommy Crawshaw is our grvetest ever player. Without him, this mural would have been a farce.
  4. Team for Bolton

    Kirby suspended.
  5. Team for Bolton

    Joao will be on bench tomorrow
  6. Team for Bolton

    Venancio international clearance not through yet. Hirst not being allowed to play with first team, U23s or on loan until he signs a new contract
  7. Team for Bolton

    Name 18 players that aren't first team regulars or U23s
  8. Team for Bolton

    Dawson Palmer-Lees-Venancio-Fox Wallace-Clare-Jones-Penney Rhodes-Winnall Wildsmith, Lees, Pudil, Baker, Forestieri, Hirst, Joao
  9. 4-3-3

    It's not really 4-3-3 - I'd say it was 4-4-2 with a midfield diamond. It suits us because of our paucity of wingers, and if Hunt and Reach can play like they did tonight we're onto a winner We'd need a top new player at the base of the diamond though - Hutch cant be relied on and Jones aint good enough. If the Forestieri rift can be healed, he'd be perfect for that number 10 role.
  10. can the club do anything right?

    Chansiri including himself on the list of club legends is more of an issue for me than an advertisement on the back. Then again, neither really matter. I'm more surprised we've actually found someone willing to meet our price for it.
  11. George Hirst send him out on loan

    Last I heard he's going to Mansfield
  12. Conspiracy theory