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  1. Ronnie Starling. Six left - Starling is one of them - five others should be Crawshaw, Spiksley, Wilson, Blenkinsop and Cawley No players from pre 1960 yet which is baffling
  2. Tommy Crawshaw should be Number 1 - Lee Bullen ahead of him?!
  3. That's how they decide the San Marino Championship - give teams a second chance. Every round apart from the final is played at the ground of the highest ranked team. Game 1 - 3rd v 4th - winner qualifies for final, loser goes into Game 2 Game 2 - Loser of Game 1 v 5th - winner qualifies for SF, loser goes into Game 3 Game 3 - Loser of Game 2 v 6th - winner qualifies for SF, loser eliminated SF - Winner of Game 2 v Winner of game 3 F - Winner of Game 1 v Winners of SF
  4. From next season - the National League (old Conference) are doing the following - QF - 4th v 7th 5th v 6th SF - 2nd v QF winner 3rd v QF winner
  5. Wouldn't scrap them, but would definitely re-jig them to give higher placed teams a better advantage. QF - 5th v 6th - two legs SF - 4th v QF winner - two legs F - 3rd v SF winner - one leg That way, you get more of an advantage if you finish 3rd or 4th, and the play-offs would still have 5 games, which Sky would insist on. If final is drawn, you only have penalties after a replay.
  6. He was on North of £30k p/w
  7. Urby was on nearly double that
  8. Pretty sure it was their B team. We did have a friendly pencilled in against the full West German but was cancelled. All off off top of my head mind.
  9. Has anyone got that pic of the Pig and Mini pig holding hands?
  10. This is our 150th year.
  11. They were pissed up - every club has pissed up fans at every away game They didn't have tickets/had fake tickets - shown to be irrelevant whether they did or didn't. The Stand was UNDER capacity when the disaster happened
  12. Looks like there is a football special train at 0955 - calling at Wakefield only.
  13. 690 - should go to zico.b
  14. I'm not arguing that it isn't, I'm saying it shouldn't be the case.