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  1. Mentioned this before, but I see Terry Burton in and around Sheffield quite a lot. Don't know if he still lives here, or has kids at University.
  2. During a shootout, half the team will take a penalty, and it's a fair guess that 2 or 3 others will as well. If you are lacking bottle, you'd be better taking the first one. I just wonder when and if Rhodes was going to take one. Was he in line for the 6th or 7th and so on, that are sudden death, and attract far more pressure?
  3. Twitter flummoxes me. I can't work out who is talking to who.
  4. Someone else has booked that table outside the Mercure. They've got to shift by then.
  5. Did he work with Roeder at West Ham?
  6. Moyes has just resigned. Pardew would be a better fit for them IMO.
  7. People underestimate the costs in replacing managers. If I were DC i'd take the view that CC has finished 4th and 6th, it's his squad, and to recruit a Pardew etc will cost a fortune both in terms of wage, and the inevitable overhaul of squad. As a business decision, it makes absolute sense to give Carlos one more shot at it. Some fans just like the idea of change, and the emotion of the whole situation needs stripping out.
  8. People like you put the Great, in Great Britain.
  9. Ironic thing is, by far and away, you are the most negative poster on here.
  10. OK. We are close to FFP issues. Not critical, but close. Villa are in the biggest mess.
  11. I think FF will be the one first teamer sacrificed to address the FFP issue.
  12. He's staying.
  13. It's easier for you, living in Belfast. Its internet driven mumbling. Like a select 15/16k I've trudged down to midweek games against MK Dons, Tranmere and Blackpool, and got outclassed. Hard work. Straight from work, crap tea, cold and checking the Internet when you get back at 11.15pm to see Oldham have won at Stockport to go above us in the league table. Absent fans can make less emotive decisions and give less meaningful opinions. I like Carlos. It's made it enjoyable. I came away on Wednesday thinking his time was up. That raw emotion. I've changed my mind. This manager fits this club, like Big Ron did. One more year. Let's make it happen.
  14. Less players, more quality. Get rid of 10, bring in 5, and use the loan market in January.