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  1. More chance of seeing the Queens knockers. They won't pay the money, and he's hardly a Wilder type signing.
  2. Can't believe he's gone to a weddIng in Farahs from Harringtons and my lads sports pumps.
  3. That I can't answer. May be attitude, fitness etc? Mystery to me why he hasn't played more games for Ireland. It wasn't long back that Millwalls keeper was picked regularly in front of him.
  4. I think some 'top' keepers get carried by the better defences. You can't tell me that likes of Mignolet, Howard, Valdes, Hennessy, Heaton, Gomes etc are any better than Westwood.
  5. Pressman gets many votes because of his performances against United. Decent keeper, but flat footed. Don't buy the argument that Westwood hasn't done it at the top level. Don't think that argument works for keepers, unlike other positions. He hasn't got a weakness, other than possibly his injury record. Seems to pick up knocks.
  6. Interesting call that. Turner was very good. Just recall a game we had at Derby, could have been last game of the season. Carson was incredible. Missed his way that lad. Should have had a load more caps.
  7. I thought Pressman was overrated. Face like a mile of bad road as well. In my time the best 3 have been Hodge, Carson and Westwood. Westwood wins it, just, but Carson was outstanding.
  8. Just checked, and Francis played 76 games for us. Presume that quite a few were as sub. Played more for us than any other club, other than Birmingham.
  9. It was Martin Allen, who is an oddball, so the story probably isn't as clear cut as people make out. Re Francis, he gets very close to my all time best Wednesday 11, despite only playing a few games. Fantastic signing by Big Ron. I dread to think just how good he was when he was in his prime.
  10. No idea what he earns, or what he does. But if he works for DC and survives, he must be very good.
  11. I'm ignoring that.
  12. Thanks. I suspect that once pubity kicks in, you might well stop negging every post I make, irrespective of content. Good luck with the GCSEs.
  13. Have you not got any dogs to bother?
  14. A bidding war on salary, not fee. I'm clearly wasting my time here.
  15. No. There is no point any club bidding beyond £3m. At this price, Westwood can talk to anyone. Someone could bid £20m, and get no where; it's not our decision beyond the £3m.