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  1. Nixon

    Leroy Fer.
  2. A relegated Hull side. And a lad no where near a very average England team. Infact he's never even been capped at under 21 level. The market for players in this country is utterly stupid.
  3. If Clucas gets sold for £16.5m that's me done with football.
  4. Joao

    Still think we will sign Mulgrew and Joao may be part of that deal.
  5. Winnall to Leeds

    The biggest issue re our players going somewhere else is money. We've got a bloated squad because other teams won't match their wages, and we won't subsidise them. Stalemate.
  6. Happiness and Joy

    That is a brilliant picture. If you're in that then I'd be getting that framed.
  7. Chris Wood to Burnley, FF to Leeds?

    They want Rhodes, not FF.
  8. Too much testicles

    You just got back from that meeting in Wakefield as well?
  9. FF to Brighton

    That bloke to the right of FF is a 'revenue protection officer'. I do St P to Sheffield quite a lot, and he 'patrols' up and down the train. He takes his job quite seriously, and is a cross between Gareth from the Office, and Hermann Goring. Any student without the correct paperwork gets thrown off the train, whilst at full speed.
  10. Walked past...

    What was the meeting in Wakefield about?
  11. FF to Brighton

    And can people stop comparing him to Di Canio. It's like comparing Blue Nun to Cloudy Bay.
  12. FF to Brighton

    And there is a way to do it. And that wasn't it. As as daft as it sounds, we may have a problem selling him. We are presuming clubs will come in with big money. I don't think they will.
  13. FF to Brighton

    Ah, that's all right then. Got the monk on because others were on more money and stamped his feet until he got a better contract.