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  1. I have this down as a draw myself when I think its our best chance for 3 points. Gotta love Adthe though...come on and run the clock down and maybe nick a goal... I think he's great at what he does!!! Really hope that the Derby fans have called it right????
  2. Wish I'd not bothered with I'm really nervous about this saturday!! I had us missing out on goal difference ffs Granted I was ultra negative with our results with only 4 more points but not a happy camper now!!
  3. I'm with you!!! Not sure my heart could take it?? Today was stressful enough
  4. What scram said!!! We really shouldn't be clinging on to 6th spot by our fingernails with this squad.
  5. Brighton though!!
  6. My raging dose of Rockford files has buggered off
  7. Good lad!! Much appreciated!!!!
  8. Well that didn't work!!!!
  10. What hootie said!!! End of thread!
  11. This is still my favourite gif! Cracked me up this!! We were only talking about it the other day at work and we all agreed it was class! Should be pinned forever so it can be dragged out every time we win!!
  12. Sorry it might be how ive read the article but it seems to me that they are talking to him about signing when his contract runs out in the summer not now???
  13. well played