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  1. I saw someone comment earlier that it was an international break weekend of Sept 2nd and "not to arrange anything for that weekend as this is when it will all happen" He was someone who is on the steering committee and said that he would rather miss the pig match than this particular weekend!!
  2. we need 2 proper box to box midfielders with strength and mobility. lee,bannan and hutch do not fit my ideal of promotion winning midfielders
  3. recruited players were good,just NOT the right ones for the positions we needed to strengthen!! so YES the recruitment was poor... as were the tactics we employed during the season,all in all a poor season * how can i be saying finishing 4th is a poor season (after enduring the 70s and 2000s) ??????
  4. lincoln was my 1st ever away match (1974?) , happy days as a schoolkid
  5. incorrect...... i'm boring but i've never been bored !
  6. people are basing his ability on the season before when WE we had an attacking philosophy
  7. WE as an attacking force were bang average, as dictated by the tactics employed (play off semis are a good example- how is an attacker meant to shine ????)
  8. and too defensively minded !
  9. last seasons' borefest has sapped my enthusiasm,not missing it at all
  10. meggo ... for the very same reason (followed by; micky lyons,gary shelton,martin hodge,BJ, )
  11. what device u using ??
  12. could never get near the counter as a nipper tho !
  13. This applies to me too, RIP fellow owl
  14. Me too and i got a parking ticket in that retail park behind the ground ! my 'son in law' is a stags fan so i suppose he'll drag me along even tho i hate friendlies
  15. source??