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  1. shaun leigh is also the announcer at owlerton for the speedway
  2. WHAT AN ABSOLUTELY AWESOME DAY!!! remember looking at the scoreboard at half time which had some stats showing (something like) ; attempts on goal IPSWICH 0, WEDNESDAY 14 ( *not the accurate numbers)
  3. so sad,sincere condolences to family and friends. R I P fellow owl, let's hope the players make your wednesday dreams come true !!
  4. Still got my tracky top from that day!
  5. any/most variations of this
  6. ***>>> especially this !!!
  7. getting worse as i get older! cannot listen to radio commentary at all and matches on tv are torture (brighton last season being the worst ever!).home matches are just about bearable but the big games are heart attack material !!
  8. absolutely spot on !!
  9. ditto
  10. exactly this.... hooper hit the bar early doors (as we all did lol) and we stayed on the front foot. makes a hell of a difference to the crowds' mood !!
  11. team giving fans something to support = win
  12. he's a poor mans' carlton palmer, covers every blade of grass and always involved (great to have withing the team) but not a stand out,influentual player
  13. sense at last !!! lee is never going to rise above what he is now ( a half decent championship player),we need much better to progress as this season has proved conclusively
  14. shockingly awful 1st half in terms of performance but i'll take that at this point of the season !! were we playing against a better team though............ ????
  15. absolutely awful so far except the scoreline