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  1. The Massive today

    same answer as the criticism of the hillsborough atmosphere... the fans needs a performance to support
  2. Just as it was during our good run at the end of last season...until cc decided to shoe-horn hutch in for the udders semi
  3. Who'll be gone by Aug 31st?

    first sensible post i've seen in months !
  4. FF back training with the team

    it was a RUMOUR (as with many such incidents) until it was confirmed as true ie/ MADE PUBLIC by carlos. he could have answered that anything that happens internally remains internal
  5. Season Ticket

    Anybody else not got theirs yet?? Only had 12 weeks to get it here and with 2 days to go I still ain't got it
  6. your 1st game you went to

    home v bristol city one sunday in 1973 during the miners strikes/3 day working weeks period
  7. Season tickets holders

    i have one, but don't have one ... if you see what i mean it hasn't arrived yet!
  8. iFollow

    i was logging in via the SWFC website , i don't know how/where to log in via i-follow app
  9. iFollow

    i can't even sign in to ugrade,says my details aren't verified. used it on saturday ok
  10. iFollow

    i registered my card to my account profile first
  11. iFollow

    i used a uk credit card
  12. iFollow

    nope, won't let me do it. signed up for a free one day pass two days ago so it won't let me do owt using that account without paying for a monthly/season subscription
  13. iFollow

    Yes pal
  14. iFollow

    Done that but when I go into trying to buy PNE game it brings up the 3 subscription options again, do I just go for the free one day pass again??
  15. iFollow

    i can't see where the otion for 'international' subscription appears? do i have to subscribe for the normal monthly pass @ 4.99 first ?