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  1. where has this been announced ???
  2. underwhelmed (if we have to put up with the gray-esque tactics of last season),
  3. no he hasn't !!!!!! mr.chansiri has u honestly think carlos would have done any better than stuart gray given the same squad/budget ???????????
  4. all i want/wanted was a change of the way we played football...not necessarily a change of manager - let's hope it happens and we make the most of our attacking riches rather than our defensive slim-picking
  5. absolutely spot on summary .... a whole summer of planning a strategy/ tactics and we came up with the idea of NOT playing football !!
  6. family member i believe but may be interpreting too
  7. they weren't on about this particular moment tho. apparently they're both sat outside sipping wine now and both look 'relaxed and happy' *** only relaying what someone who is allegedly there is saying
  8. read elsewhere that a 'heated exchange' took place (someone who had their photo took with DC & CC after said exchange)
  9. which basically means things can't go on the way we have been doing them!!
  10. where are ya Dunsby???? let's be avvin ya
  11. exactly this! we're all 'coached' to absolute boredom... tactics,mind coaches,dietitians,fitness coaches etc defending with the ball, defending without the ball,shape,systems i could go on where is the individualism ,freedom of expression,taking a man on etc where are the waddles, bests,bergkamps,hoddles, etc so,in conclusion,my answer is no .... it's boring. (unless it's like last season when we actually played attacking football that allowed forestieri to flourish) don't like football any more BUT still love Wednesday,which is why i still go
  12. our (current) manager would play an extra defensive central midfielder and all of the above would be on the bench/sat in the stand ffs ATTACK IS THE BEST FORM OF DEFENCE !!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  13. don't play a defensive midfielder in a home match !! EVER
  14. 'mould' meaning same style of defending
  15. doesn't go in for rash challenges (hutch take note),timing and reading of the game is perfect, hence very few yellow cards.all in all a very accomplished central defender .. in the bobby moore mould ?????