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  1. I have not read most of this thread so if this as beeen said already apologies. It's so late in the season I would just give it Bullen and see if he can motivate what most people say are the best we have had for years then look for a new manager in the summer when we know who us available.
  2. Don't do that they may reduce the Capacity for the forum
  3. Wasn't a bad wing half but we had some good ones at that time. R I P Robin Hardy
  4. I'd go with David Mossman
  5. You have to remember Shearer was always a Newcastle fan so was probably telling the truth Hirst wasn't a Wednesdayite as a youngster.
  6. Could be some part of skyedge
  7. Obviously had a good game 6 hours and nobody's had a go at him
  8. According to reports the Club did everything possible to keep hIm happy and on board
  9. Jeff Johnson late 70s