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  1. Negging me couldn't give a dam but I won't feel sorry for anybody who can't get a fulham ticket
  2. Where's all these fans been last 15 years
  3. Great day
  4. We have a problem
  5. Ssssssssh not yet
  6. God bless Nigel a friend for about 25 years sad loss
  7. Great those limit reunion nights
  8. He will play his strongest 11 yesterday's game meant nothing
  9. Great result for you pal
  10. Who said listen surely he could try and make the game in person
  11. Ask em to get a move on with OP and you might get second half
  12. Excused today only no time off for recovery we need every man. All the best and please refrain from owlstalk whilst in recovery
  13. Brilliant weekend only topped by 93 semi