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  1. Need to do something but else what can we do but tinker again ? It's annoying but what are we supposed to do.
  2. Makes me laughing people wanting ff up top he drops back way too much leaving Rhodes on his own. Winnall and Rhodes all day for me
  3. I went we was bobbar good enough?
  4. Exactly a player brimming with confidence and they put fletcher on.
  5. Ff and doesn't work as I said after the Brentford game. Two little players so no second option for a long ball. Ff was dropping back and because he was a striker there Rhodes left on his own up tops winnall and Rhodes all day
  6. There too 7 mins away
  7. Just got here now no rascal in bar us 4. avoid station spoons though full of Leeds and I think they've all been to flannels just before the pint.
  8. Outside spoons near station is closed currently sat in Yates where are are people heading ?
  9. just set me alarm for 6am cmon wednesday make it worth wild.
  10. If we more centre halfs then yeh but won't be able to with lack of players for that position
  11. Still online pal ?
  12. Yeh when we shouldn't get a pen and we do that good enough ?
  13. Aye we've had a few over the years when we shouldn't have it always evens it's self out