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  1. Leeds be far out of those four. no Man Utd ?
  2. Worst I saw was Clarke kicking the advertisement board celebrating a goal
  3. Don't get me wrong he's a good person to have around the club but I'd rather us get another player in that can be placed some on the bench to change a game if needs be and battle it out for a starting 11 slot.
  4. Aye true obviously missed or main two been together. With lees back hopefully things will turn better. Uto!
  5. This. not saying he'd be great with our current setup, but would do better surely. Saying that though the current service from midfield is shibo at the moment, we have the best finisher in the championship on paper and even he struggles to get one.
  6. Defensively we are bad at back, our current form shows this.
  7. Knowing us we will offer semedo a 35k a week at the end of the season. realistically, I'd offer Wallace a one year deal and wildsmith a three year deal. Would want him as our number 2 instead of signing another goal keeper on a big money contract.
  8. 2-1 to the dingles. Youre better prepped at the back than us. Winnall will score for us though and knowing our luck at that time it will be 0-1 to Wednesday.
  9. Everyone else plays way too deep so nah we're fooked without ff
  10. nuhiu 7ft heading skills 0 Getting knocked over by a guy half his size 19
  11. surely the club are losing out on money here if people cant buy season tickets the most simplest way? Why is there a waiting list and why cant you buy them directly?
  12. "dare you to pull my finger...."