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  1. I'm sure we're the only club that takes the wee wee with football kits with release days ect.... can't believe how late on owls in the park is too.
  2. Good for 4th/5th choice but if we're going to be pushing for the top two we should be look elsewhere. I'm hoping Hanley is on our list
  3. York and would love to play rangers at home again so they can have a cup final
  4. Ffs Barry bannan and Keiran lee are not wingers, I can't believe people actually want either one of them to play out wide, it doesn't work!!!!!!!!! argh
  5. A right peg Chris brunt
  6. Right mid is already taken by lee or bannan. Hope to god they're not like
  7. Those ears
  8. Don't forget fire certificate
  9. He used to play for us in league one looked steady then
  10. As long as play better that's all we can ask for. Please please please stop playing three CMs at the same time and I will be at least happy with that
  11. why should I?
  12. heard off a lot of people that it could be pardrew too, hoping to god they're wrong.
  13. Shame there isn't a thread about him already