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  1. Incognito lad
  2. hopefully they're paying his wages too.
  3. mcgugan - wont play again reach- time will tell but for 7m I would hope he does make it. Think he will need another pre season to catch up wth the likes of FF and get used to tactics and cant forget SHOOOOTTTTTT!!!!
  4. Hopefully thier core will be out again for this
  5. pace to burn?
  6. oh yeh because sky love us, everybody hates us.
  7. of course depends how badly we want him which I think we do with lee being out and abdi wont get a game. At the moment with bannan and hutch in the middle its like were playing with two defensive midfielders so winnall playing up top maybe pointless because he thrives off decent passes through the middle I.E. from Hourihane. These days money talks, get it sorted wednesday.
  8. leeds take 100k fans everywhere so they're a lot bigger than us
  9. glad to hear but at the same time gutted it didn't work out for him here. Hes got so much potential but maybe he has himself to blame, the same happened at forrest so who knows what the problems are.
  10. Clearly not going up so would be interesting to what happens to their team next season
  11. What was the line up?
  12. I wouldn't say hate more like jelous and now people are starting to hate us that little bit more because we're starting to get a little of a taste of the good times again, Barnsley and Rotherham know they will never be as big as us so they vent their frustrations on us because they jelous.
  13. Welcome to a forum where people have an opinion on topics
  14. Or sat in the stand like maclaren
  15. So 1-0 then still lost