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  1. we cant afford him how exactly ?
  2. Rhodes and hooper
  3. Wouldnt mind going to a pre season tour one year
  4. Pm brownlad he's itk
  5. Never mind a goal, will he even get a game ?
  6. Don't see the god himself billy sharp on there
  7. Would like to see abdi get back to his best but bannan and hutch as long as they don't start all swapping positions whilst attacking. Keep hutch at def mid and bannan attacking
  8. Bruce is signing some good players but it looks like a whole new 11 surely it'll take time to imbed everyone like last season when di Matteo was incharge.
  9. westwood for temporary but we need a new centre half so give it him depending on experience.
  10. 3m to prize away cardiffs captain. What a joke! imagine if someone like Middlesbrough were after lees for 3m we'd be wetting ourselves
  11. How come other clubs seems to get ridiculous offers for their players but we get peanuts ?
  12. Good to hear but why wasn't this applied earlier.
  13. 15 hooper 80 via playoff 3rd time lucky