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  1. One year at £40k - yes. One year at £60K - not.
  2. Anyone not saying Scott Oakes is not a Wednesday fan. Watched him absolutely sh it himself playing Right Wing away at Notts Forest up against Stuart Pearce. From what I remember, Carbone came on and scored the winner.
  3. Why is his pro-career even a consideration in judging him as a coach or the head of an Academy? In reality, one has nothing to do with the other. Sir Alex Ferguson - a solid if unspectacular Player - one of the best Coaches / Manages of all time. Arsene Wenger - Mostly Semi=Pro playing career , but is credited with revolutionising how English Clubs operate. Longest serving Head Coach / Manger in English football. Jose Mourinho - never played football professionally, but won league titles in 4 different European Leagues and is a multiple Champions League Winner. So remind me again why Haslems pro career matters?
  4. Why are people equating his playing career to his ability to carry out this job? I'd like to hear those same people wax lyrical on his predecessor Dean Ramsdale illustrious and storied Pro Career.
  5. Owned, or owns?
  6. They haven't put in for any planning permissions on the site. Not all developments go smoothly, or proceed at all.
  7. If we have bought the Wednesdayite car park, the freehold title covers all the area as below. Charlie Browns is on a long-lease so may not be included: Of course, we could just have bought a part of it only.
  8. A rumour that is easily checked. If anyone wanted to know for sure:!ut/p/b1/hc4xC8IwEAXgn3SXuySNYx2aBsEiFbS3SIYilTZdSn-_xE1Fe9uD7z0OBDq1K5yxhAxXkBTX4R6XYU5xzFnsjclppTTVjm2BwVSe1dkw6lzo_gCvtvptn-AC8sGaqsTA--bg-USI9gu87zjaAPmPF8AfVyIc63nqYZLRteGhn4xrN5U!/dl4/d5/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS80SmtFL1o2XzMyODQxMTQySDgzNjcwSTVGRzMxVDUzMDgy/ The Title Number in question is SYK106861 and for £3 you can download a Register View which will tell you who the owner is.
  9. And why is Whelan there?!
  10. I did, and looking at those prices I'm very glad I did!
  11. Yes - walk ups pay more. And it is a bit harsh on people who work every other weekend etc that can't commit to a Season Ticket but can make about 10 games a year. All ST means we are alienating a large part of the fanbase by not allowing them to attend.
  12. Not sure about being "undoubtedly". I certainly can doubt he is good enough.
  14. Anyone giving Hunt more than 4 needs to give their head a shake.
  15. FF is playing up front too?