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  1. Football League World? Hardly the "Press".
  2. That for the Ipswich game or the Test Match at Headingley?
  3. Hi guys - let me know if anyone can hook me up. Cheers.
  4. Are you paying Neil for the advertising?
  5. This is a by-product of teams playing one out and out striker at Hillsborough and using someone just behind to man mark Bannan when we have the ball. Makes one of our CB's the spare man, and oppo managers are happy for that to be Tom Lees, seeing as he struggles to pass the ball.
  6. On the flip side, not hitting the target was a waste of a perfect cross.
  7. Last 10 games: Fulham - 6 wins, 2 draws 2 losses. For 23 Against 15 Us - 6 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses For 16 against 10. Only really a plus 2 better goal difference in it.
  8. As if what some no-mark-washed-up presenters on a Channel 5 Programmesay have any actual bearing on the pressure we are under!
  9. Maybe he has a really bad lisp and the club shop printed exactly what he told them.
  10. Fletcher was as bad as he has been since he joined. Goal was literally the only thing he did right the whole game. Everyone else played well - K Lee mom for me.
  11. A Large part of that is due to the absence of FF and continued absence of KL. Bannan is great at finding players making runs / moving into space - without FF and KL we are much more static, and it shows in Bannans performance - no one showing for him to pass to this making him look like he is playing worse than he is.
  12. Bywater would have ripped him apart. Bloody nutter that guy.
  13. Its people chatting shìt on the internet to pass the time. Its neither negative nor positive.
  14. So, it goes in, he meant it. If it doesn't it was hit and hope?
  15. Hit and Hope? He knew exactly what he was doing.