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  1. Genuinely forgot he played for us.
  2. Fairly sure RocketOwl is Rocket. Rory Noonan Used to love posting shìte in the 606 days.
  3. Bore off Rory.
  4. Ref bloody awful. Worst by a mile this season.
  5. Just looked at the route to try and describe it - you would deffo get lost.Its kind of a route you have to be shown - sorry!
  6. If you are going that way, then don't bother going the A61 route. Yuo can get to Woodseats and pick up the A61 there y going "over the tops" of the hills. Misses all the traffic and its the way my Dad has always gone after the game to get to Woodseats. Let me know if you want the route.
  7. Is Rocket Owl "Rocket aka Rory Noonan?"
  8. So you want a strong, quick striker who will score lots of goals AND make goals for himself? Don't think Lukaku will want to move to the Champ tbh.
  9. He's not going to be constanly beating defenders in the air, but what I like is that when he does get his head to the ball, it goes EXACTLY where it should.
  10. Is that Harry next to him?
  11. Also, a current red card challange would still result in a red, ie, reckless two footed lunge, even if you could argue that it was a "genuine" attempt to get the ball.
  12. The new rule is literally mentioned all over this thread.
  13. New season, New rules.
  14. Top left ist says mins 0-61. Is there one for the whole game? And is it any different?
  15. WAR

    Had no idea Wins Above Replacement was a stat in Football.