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  1. Historic PFA Team of the Year

    Danny Mayor (forgot he played for us!)
  2. Historic PFA Team of the Year

    Kevin Nicholson (1game played for us!)
  3. Historic PFA Team of the Year

    Also: Ryan Lowe
  4. Historic PFA Team of the Year

    The Rob Jones on our list was the tall, lanky bobbar Rob Jones who played for us and Doncaster!
  5. Historic PFA Team of the Year

    Also found: Peter Springett - 4th Division 77/78 Chris Turner - 3rd Division 78-79 Ian Branfoot Mark Smith - 3rd Div 79/80 Larry May
  6. Historic PFA Team of the Year

    Also, technically Eric Nixon was the 4th Division GK in 1988/89 and he played for us (for a very short amount of time)
  7. Historic PFA Team of the Year

    100% correct - with Spurs.
  8. Historic PFA Team of the Year

    He was Football Writers Player of the Year in 1993. 1992/93 PFA Midfielders that year were: Roy Keane Gary Speed Paul Ince Ryan Giggs
  9. Looking back at the PFA Team of the Year for each English Professional League, there is a significant amount of Sheff Wed players - some before their SWFC Careers, some after, some during. From 1980 onwards: John Sheridan Andy Hinchcliffe Mark Bright Steve Nicol Des Walker Chris Woods Viv Anderson Mel Sterland Mick Lyons Gary Megson Mark Chamberlain Danny Wilson Trevor Francis Simon Stainrod Terry Curran Michael Morrison Rhoys Wiggins Darren Potter Jordan Rhodes Jack Hunt Rob Jones Leon Clarke Jacques Maghoma Danny Batth Sam Winnall Daryl Murphy Barry Bannan Mark Beevers David Johnson Graeme Lee Steve Howard Leroy Lita Michael Reddy Tommy Miller Graham Coughlan Leon Knight David Graham Jon Otsemobor Luke Varney Ritchie Humphreys Keiren Westwood Julian Bennett George Boyd Grant Holt No real contex here. except that I happened to be looking through the PFA Teams of the Year since 1980. Have I missed any players. Two notable players - Danny Wilson and Keiran Westoowd both appeared in at least 3 teams.
  10. Forestieri not in the squad

    £3/4m gets a good CB, not a quality one. Plus, attacking players generally cost more than defenders.
  11. Forestieri not in the squad

    £10m would not get us 3 quality players.
  12. The proposal is to erect a PVC coated 305gsm mesh banner across the west stand facing Leppings Lane. The signage will include imagery of an owl and white lettering on a blue background. The maximum height of the lettering will measure 1 metre. The signage will be positioned 11 metres above groundlevel and will measure 8 metres in height and 73 metres in width. The signage will not project beyond the elevation.
  13. Love the objection: Comment Details Commenter Type: Other Interested Party Stance: Customer objects to the Planning Application Comment Reasons: - Object Comment:This is an absolute eyesore. The stand is a lasting memory of one of the world's worst sporting disaster and yet it remains standing. The owners of the club should be looking to replace the stand completely, not covering it with an amateurish drawing.
  14. Is anyone being put OFF football..

    Does that mean you turn the match off / leave the stadium if a player gets sent off?
  15. Is anyone being put OFF football..

    Don't even watch Football anymore unless Wednesday are involved.