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  1. Type of player carlos loves, not a great deal of pace, good delivery, an upgrade on wallace Id love him
  2. Sako Jota Watkins Hanley/roberts (barnsley one) Pat roberts loan Id still like judge in january assuming he comes back the player he was
  3. As nasty as this sounds and im expecting negs, but brad lowery has had millions of best wishes and life changing experiences, now I fully support the amazing gestures hes getting and he deserves the world. But if we're going to chant for someone tommorow, there must be some sheffield wednesday fans that are just as ill that need our support
  4. Just watching it now on sky sports and their feature on the 'kings of white hart lane' which is basically the most influential/favourite players over the years. So i thought id bring it on here to see who people would go for You can pick 15-25 players that have been our favourite/most influential over the years.
  5. I just dont rate him either unfortunately. Can see why managers love him, works really hard, never stops and covers the full back. Its almost as if we play two left backs so when up against a good winger it can work. But hes not the best defender, follows the ball too much and loses his man alot. Which normally leads to them breaking. Not very strong, not very quick, not the best end product. And to be an effective winger you need atleast one of those three and need to be clever enough to compensate for your weakpoints. E.g. wallace, not very quick or strong, but his positioning and end product is good hence why hes effective. Reach just doesnt seem to do much in games apart from run around alot, which is fine if your mid table, but not in the play offs
  6. What a ridiculous thread. 2 losses in 14 in the league Clean sheets coming out our arses Players coming out in droves explaining how much they love it here Best squad in years Best managerial percentage ever An ambitious and wadded owner who loves the club and isnt messing us up like many in this league 6th in the league and miles ahead of 7th Every member of this team is important, whether theyre starting 11 players, fringe players who are putting pressure on the 11 to perform or even some of the players that some may not consider good enough but carlos' trusts to them to do a job when required (nuhiu/semedo) Christ some fans will just never be happy
  7. Cheer up we won... again
  8. I think some of the injuries we've had if anything only backs up the fact that carlos is doing an amazing job to keep us where we are. We're arguably the least 'one man team' out of our top 6 rivals. With newcastle wobbling when they lost shelvey, brighton dont win if dunk/knockheart doesnt play, woods is everything to leeds and derby play everything through ince etc Now at stages of this season weve lost our top goalscorer for months, our most creative midfielder and cog of our team for months, our best CB in lees for months, suspensions to sam and FF and even our keeper for a few games. Yet we have still stayed at the same standard throughout the season. As much as people may not be impressed with carlos' signings he has built one hell of a squad. Now it might not be pretty sometimes but wins are wins. And as much as we're not playing the free flowing attacking football and battering the teams in the bottom half like last year, we're now much better at playing the teams around us and grinding out victories in games we wouldve lost last year. Trust in carlos, we're going places
  9. Whatever villa have offered, treble it, give em the keys to the city for all I care. The gap between our midfield and our strikers is laughable, FF needs to play LM, our most creative player isolated up top just does nothing for us
  10. Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Pudil Macca Hutch Bannan Fessi Winnall Fletcher Brighton 2-0 Dunk FGS
  11. Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Pudil Macca Hutch Bannan Fessi Fletcher Winnall 2-0 brighton
  12. Hes had reach infront of him who does little tracking back and his poor positional sense means he leaves pudil with two men almost everytime
  13. Don't see the hype regarding him at all. Not quick or skillfull enough to beat a man, never shoots, never crosses, leaves his man constantly when defending, too lightweight and we spent 5 million on the kid. Bet middlesborough are weeing themselves! People seem to think cause he's young its an excuse, drop him next game FF on the left If forrestieri was playing like this we'd be wanting rid.
  14. Reach is dreadful, leaves pudil two meN everytime