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  1. Jordan Rhodes take us home to the place where we belong the premier league come to Wednesday jordan Rhodes take us home
  2. Ok mate will dm you shortly
  3. As title, spare adult ticket for south due to one of lads being ill. Only £10 face value as we got it through foundation membership half price. will be at ground (in 1867 lounge) from 12.
  4. Was right in line on south and was definitely offside to be fair (Kieran Lee)
  5. You've obviously not read the Mehmet Ekici thread yet them. Really reliable source !!!!
  6. Well it made me panic for a few minutes! I suppose they would see that as mission accomplished. Like you say proper sad individual's must have really empty lives to do that kind of thing.
  7. Probably so. Just popped up on my feed and thought it was a genuine account mainly due to lack of his tweets. My bad just didn't see anyone else mention it
  8. No idea if Pope is dead or it is a genuine account but has anyone seen recent tweet from Melo about Forestieri?
  9. Seems wrong just because of some admin error a few foundation members who were signed up before the recent rush might not get a ticket! Then for nobody from that department being available today when it is that priority category today is a bit poor.
  10. My mate exactly the same. Signed up as foundation member 6 weeks ago. Has got letter from club confirming this but not got card yet. They have told him they have no record and will need to contact Amanda from Foundation. She is not there until Monday! Pretty damn ridiculous really as he now might not get one.