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  1. I'll be honest with you, I've never heard anything remotely racist aimed at Carlos or Mr Chansiri. If you have heard this sort of thing at a match, you need to report it to an official or police officer.
  2. The problem with things like these is there'll be players who probably deserve to be in this picture but as most of the people who will have seen them play will have now passed away, they might not make the list. I started following Wednesday in 1991 and my heros have always been David Hirst, Roland Nillson, John Sheridan and Chris Waddle but after reading through some of the achievements of players who played for the club many many years before I was born, I have to concede that they are probably more deserving of a place in the side than the players I idolised growing up. All about opinions I guess but I would still love to see David Hirst feature on it.
  3. Somebody should tell this guy Sheffield Wednesday aren't legally obliged to contribute to charity.
  4. I cant think of a single home match this season where I can honestly say we've played well from start to finish. We've played well in the odd game in spells but with the players that we have at the club, I don't think that's good enough. Just my opinion.
  5. Agreed, Sassos mistake was poor but had we been a bit more positive against Leeds and gone at them from the off, with the attacking talent we have in the side, perhaps that mistake wouldn't have proven so costly. Leeds for me do not look like a great side and player for player we are much better and so that's why for me it was so frustrating that we continued with a game plan that was so negative when I thought the points were there for the taking.
  6. Not that it's any of your business but I've just renewed my season ticket pal. Im just concerned with the standard of performances under Carlos this season, I think this group of players is capable of much more than just scraping 6th place, some fans might be happy with what they're seeing right now but I think we're underperforming and sitting through recent games with Leeds, Brentford (until the last 20 mins) Blackburn and Wigan I've been bored. While we are scraping results that's fine as results are king but when the results stop coming and we are continuing to play the same boring, predictable build up play, Carlos will rightly be criticised.
  7. This gets me, we "should have scored x amount of goals", "but for a saved penalty we'd have got a point at Leeds"!! This works both ways, but for a saved penalty we could have lost at Forest, Blackburn should (and did!!) score 3 against us at Hillsborough so but for some poor officiating we'd have been subject to a humiliating defeat. Perhaps if we'd not given Brentford a 2 goal start and not got going until the 70th minute we wouldn't have had to rely on a late bombardment to try to ****** s point. Perhaps if we played on the front foot with more energy, certain other one off instances would have had as big an affect on poor results we've had a times this season.
  8. Couldn't agree more, I was sat firmly on the edge of my seat as a strong Brentford side dominated us for the first 70 minutes at Hillsborough and going to Elland Road and managing just 1 shot on target was again another impressive achievement.
  9. Nobody on here wants us to fail, they are just voicing the concerns they have with the direction the team is taking on the pitch. nothing wrong with that.
  10. I get your point about changing managers at this late stage of the season but I just think we should roll the dice now. Like you said we'll carry on limping along and I think given the poor form of the sides below us we'll probably scrape a play-off place but in the words of Keith Andrews on Saturday, our fans should be getting more from this group of players and should be cemented in a play-off spot. If we limp over the line (which I think we will with Carlos in charge) in spite of the fact that we have the best squad of players currently in the play-off spots, not one of the other 3 teams would fear playing us and I don't think we'd go up either so then I'd ask myself, what's the point of limping along? If the play-off places stay as they are, then it would be far far weaker opposition than last season (when it was us, Derby, hull and Brighton) and I can't help but think this would be one hell of a missed opportunity if we didn't go up, especially with the teams coming down having an extra £100m to spend next season and you'd also expect a re-assurgance from Villa, Derby and Norwich. For me it's death or glory, we should the take the chance like we did with Megson and go for it as regardless of whether we make the top 6 or not, I can't see us going up with Carlos in charge and given the players that are currently at the club, that would be a massive shame. Just my opinion and would love to be proven wrong.
  11. When you look at the fees we paid for Abdi and Lopez, I honestly can't understand why we didn't bring Lopez back instead of one of these 2. That said, perhaps he didn't fancy a permanent move to England.
  12. It was around this time of the season that we sacked Megson and Huddersfield sacked Clarke. Both clubs got promoted.