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  1. No matter what happens Fulham can only finish 6th so they'll play a second 11. Bearing that in mind I'd go with... Wildsmith Fox Sasso Semedo Palmer McManaman Jones McGugan Buckley Rhodes Winnall
  2. Classy finish from Lee.
  3. The pressure was on, coming at him from all angles and he replies with 6 wins on the spin. That's how big managers and players deal with situations like this, to borrow a phrase from Sam Hutchinson after our win at St James Park... This year we're ready!!!
  4. I could see this happening too.
  6. Always thought Seth Bennett came across as a bit of a n0b head.
  7. No I've had enough of being made to look silly, firmly in the Carlos in camp now!!
  8. Well don't I look like a t1t now!!! Seriously though, nobody is happier than me to be proven wrong, I've thoroughly enjoyed these last 5 games, watching Hooper and Fletcher become the best strike pairing in the division and ALMOST securing a playoff place. We have been a joy to watch recently and it's great to see us hit top form at this critical time of the season. Keep up the good work Carlos!! We're on our way!!!!
  9. I don't know why but this line really made laugh.
  10. He's deleted the tweet now, obviously the drunken oath sent it after a few too many beers... idiot.
  11. I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure this is the scrubbers hotel/bar on Tripadvisor... It'd be awful if loads of Wednesday fans went on and left bad reviews!!
  12. They should wait until the end of the year as if we go up, Carlos's achievement will dwarf what Wilder has done. I remember the year the pigs were in the Prem, Neil Warnock won the award, they then imploded losing their last 5 games of the season and got relegated. Reyt achievement.
  13. Agreed, if this is the calibre of player they're going to be looking to bring in, we could be just about to see the famous game changing investment materialising!!