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  1. Pecnik. Soft as s**t and had zero talent.
  2. As long as they do a better job than our medical team did last season then I'm happy.
  3. That wasn't the Summer and I'm talking about 5/6 months later when all of our new signings seemed to be announced after 11pm. Pretty sure it was the Matias signing that kicked it all off.
  4. I quite enjoyed the late night transfer announcements though, would like to see a return of those.
  5. I've never said he was a world beating super hero but he is our best player and one we'd struggle to replace. Also last season he was our top goal scorer as he was the season before.
  6. Good. Why anybody would want arguably the most creative player we've had since Benito Carbone to leave the club is beyond me. If I were Chansiri I'd whack a £50m price tag on him and tell any potential suitors to f**k off.
  7. The thing is you can only unearth so many lower league "gems" before a clubs lack of finances and ambition comes back to haunt you.
  8. Barnsley are nailed on to get relegated this season, since January ALL the best players have either left or are trying to leave.
  9. If it meant us going up, I'd be more than happy for them to do the double over us. We're looking in a different direction to the pigs now.
  10. Aston Villa on the first day of last season.
  11. I hope Nando stays but if he does leave, looking at the fees Huddersfield have paid for Mooy and Brown, we can expect to get over £12m for him.
  12. Absolutely pal and it just goes to show how spoilt us Owls fans have been throughout the generations that we can argue over the merits of having a player of Des Walkers calibre in a dream 11. I just think there's a danger of this side being dominated by players from the 90's when before that era the club has so much rich history which includes 4 league title wins. Also I'm happy to be corrected but I think all of Des's England caps came before he joined Wednesday.
  13. Sunderland or Hull at home.
  14. Paypal?