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  1. Bannan

    The way Bannan has started this season he'd walk into any side in this division. It'd take a stupid bid to lure him away from the club and even then I doubt he'd want to go to Hull.
  2. TEAM for Burton

    He should go with the same starting 11 that beat Fulham.
  3. Abdi tonight

    I've got a feeling that we'll still be saying "good to see him getting 90 minutes" in 12 months time. Looked a good signing when we got him here but the guy's a croc and not worth a fraction of the £4m we paid for him.
  4. Abdi tonight

    Watford really did have our pants down when they got £4m from us for Abdi. A complete and utter waste of a shirt.
  5. Indeed we did turn up against Brighton, just a shame we didn't turn up in the final against Hull.
  6. Carlos Incident Video

    Looks like the stewards at Bolton have previous for trying act like "big men" and throwing their (ample) weight around. Here's they are discussing what happened last night... http://www.wanderersways.com/forum/topic/88144-orange-warriors/
  7. Carlos Tonight

    No you said it was our best 2 league positions in 20 years, so you are comparing the last 2 season with the previous 18 and I'm just raising the fact that in those 2 seasons Carlos has had more money to spend the every manager before him put together since our relegation from the Premier League. Hardly a fair comparison.
  8. Carlos Tonight

    Do you think that might have had something to do with the amount of money we've spent? Just playing devils advocate here but it'd be interesting to see how Carlos would have done with the group of players Stuart Gray had.
  9. Carlos Tonight

    It's all about opinions, Horny Owl thinks it's time to change the manager and you don't. That doesn't make him any less of a supporter than you and I dare say when he's at a match he gets behind the team 100%. He just gives his opinion on this forum which I think is fair enough. This forum would be a very dull place if everyone agreed all the time.
  10. Carlos Tonight

    By the sounds of things it appears that some steward thinking he's the "big I am" thought he'd act like the big man and try to man handle Carlos. Hope Bolton sack the idiot.
  11. Burton v Owls live overseas

    Agreed, managed to get a decent stream for the pigs game on Saturday (although the commentary was in French) so reasonably confident of getting one for the Wednesday match this Saturday.
  12. Joao

    I'd try to send him out on loan to a lower end Championship team like last season. If he does well then look to bring him back into the side in the new year, if he doesn't sell him.
  13. Carlos haters

    Ok son.
  14. Carlos haters

    I don't report folk on here son and I didn't report you.
  15. Team for Bolton

    Wildsmith Palmer Venancio Pudil Fox Matias Abdi Jones Wallace Rhodes Winnal