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  1. People are forgetting that a modern football club needs to evolve into a 7 day a week business and that means a stadium with facilities fit for purpose to attract business outside of the matchdays, rebuilding in our current location wont address that promble IMO. The location is not favorable and attractive. Our little noisy neighbours in Rotherham and Doncaster have moved forward in this department location wise, Rotherham in the town centre and Doncasters Keepmoat in a prime location next to a lake, leisure, shopping,hotels and nearby motorway links, i was lucky enough to sample the Keepmoats corporate side 2 months ago, it's clean, open. bright, spacey and modern and welcoming in that sense, much better than our phoenix nights wmc upgrade look. I get it with our history, tradition and all that, but maybe, just maybe people will need to accept for us to be a successful football club we need to be a successful business too and that aint gunna happen in a backwater like Hillsborough sadly. The time will come where we have to move forward and make some painful decisions.
  2. Does he squeak when he runs ?
  3. Well done mate, ignore the "children"......
  4. no ta
  5. I hate the Lannisters. I'm with House Targaryen, she has boobies and Dragons FFS...
  6. Can you imagine their little inbred mucky faces if they loose another good player to us "dee dars" ?..
  7. Let's not, we want a winning mentality not a team full of people who have failure imprinted in their DNA and losing is a national pastime
  8. I think we signed him as a favour for some reason
  9. Kyle Bartley is class, way way better than Hanley, Bartleys a natural leader and rarely backs out of anything and he's not scottish
  10. Seriously though welcome to our club and hope you do well.....
  11. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww My F**king Eyes!!!
  12. Good luck to Lewis,he's just looking out for his future whilst being the outcast