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  1. I heard they think we prefer Haddock to Cod..
  2. Someone on here will be able to give you some advice Think of it as Owlstalk counselling, this place just keeps giving..
  3. Hope they've got a big flipping net then.....
  4. Are SAG censoring Owlstalk now ?
  5. ha ha Mr Sutherland was excellent, woof, woof
  6. Racist....
  7. Promble is a lot of it aint "fit"
  8. More to it than just that though to be fair, the bit you don't see is half of Police Scotland in riot vans outside the ground waiting just in case, horses, dogs, loch ness monster,
  9. C**t.....
  10. Don't know mate, hope not but someone on here will know
  11. Shhhh they will be along soon with their placards and hoodies
  12. Hmmmm all Yunga's posts have seemed to have disappeared from this thread..
  13. Carlos isn't even a part time racist like big Ron is/was....
  14. Cheers for that bud, i never knew that just associated it with the Caribbean due to popular culture I suppose.... Owlstalk can enrich and educate as well as entertain and anger, maybe Neil should apply for some sort of grant from the local education board...