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  1. I thought he had got a new job waxing and oiling his friend Ronaldos body on his boat....
  2. A minority out of a huge,huge number of fans caused the trouble, i was there, i saw it first hand with my own eyes, not through a tv camera, when it kicked off i got a train to Wakefield with my dad, was a brilliant good natured day ruined by a minority of morons and animals.... I and the massive majority of travelling Rangers fans did in fact handle their beer without causing anyone any harm no matter how you want to spin it to suit your own agenda, what happened was regretful and pathetic and there's absolutely no excuse for any of it.... but hey you keep trying to beat people with your little stick over it, you cling to it as you must..... You need help before your bitterness and hate consumes you...I hope you get better soon...
  3. You just cant help yourself can you ? Maybe you should get a hobby, a girlfriend or a dog.....
  4. about the pope Andy, erm......................
  5. Hope Sunderland ad their fans get their vaccinations up to date before playing them tramps ....
  6. It's all skills mate
  7. That's fine i should fit in okay then...... as an added bonus i occasionally smell of wee with being overweight and over 45...
  8. Got my 2 tickets for south stand as my dads in with his mates from a Rangers Supporters Club In Dumfrieshire in the North Stand now The South Stand BB Row G.. should be fun They still sell Amstel in south stand ?
  9. Aint tried buying yet as i'm waiting to see what my dads doing before deciding, hoping to go in south stand the Kops full of peasants
  10. I can't see there being any trouble whatsoever (hopefully), some sunshine, weekend of boozing, whats the worst that could happen ?....
  11. plenty of tickets, im gunna go for the south, best stand in the ground..
  12. Yup, they should be disbanded/merged with West Yorkshire Police and ran from Wakefield as a Yorkshire Police Force, the gimps at the top should be "retired", same with the SAG morons, it should be taken outta Sheffield City Councils hands and managed independently.
  13. I wouldn't think the demand would be to that extent mate...
  14. They will no doubt have OTT vast rows of empty seating sections at the North/Kop corner, wouldn't even surprise me if they have huge rows empty at the pitch side of the North and even at the Leppings end of the North even though the West will be empty, nothing shocks me when these clowns are involved. The mobile steel police barriers will be getting polished up as we speak...
  15. I feel better knowing that it's no longer David Blunkett and his dog who are scouting potential targets for us as before.... Seems the ex MP may have been doing the medicals too with the amount of crocs we signed...