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  1. the true story of dunkirk baffles me,hitler had his men positioned sixteen miles away,but allowed "tommy" to evacuate.
  2. "fans will still travel,ticket or not" shudders.
  3. ^nice^
  4. easy peasy.
  5. i'm just so happy that we helped to put them back on the map!
  6. we could play rangers at ibrox in front of 50,000,they would pose as much of a threat as third lanark.
  7. because i dont like them,or their ugly sister for that matter,living where i live i get a close up view of their fans and their "cultural music" it has no place in the modern world,or sport for that matter,and i'm referring to both glasgow clubs,also,i'm pretty hacked off that we have allocated them the north stand,i cant remember this happening with any other set of fans before,so what are wednesday fans going to do at the game? stand in awe at the opponents fans and the noise they can make,absolutely pathetic,i wouldn't attend this love in if i were in sheffield,i dont have a "second' team that i support,neither would i ever don a half 'n half scarf,i do however hope that we smash them,5-0 would do nicely.rant over.
  8. those days are over old chap,and you know it.
  9. "we are the people"
  10. you can stick your so called "cultural music" up your jacksy,i've heard them all and apart from the few that deal with football they are vile sectarian coat trailing garbage.
  11. looks like there wont be any need for segregation,everyone will be too busy hugging each other and patting jocks bottoms,getting embarrassing now.
  12. away fans should get the lep,NO exceptions.
  13. it all comes down to revenue,most rangers fans would agree that they are no longer a major force and could certainly not be described as "marque". (surprised nobody has come up with a joke re bums on seats!
  14. at least hillsborough is still here,unlike wembley,white city,roker park,and ayersome.