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  1. on my trips to hillsborough in the early 80's with the limavady owls we were introduced to a mrs spoors who told us her father/grandfather played for wednesday,she was a freind of hugh greene from grenoside who organised the trips,lovely lady,think i have some photos of her.
  2. dunmurry area?
  3. come on you R's!
  4. i've been wondering how long it will take before the england team is ALL black,is that racist too?
  5. ? peter knowles,john holsgrove,ernie hunt,? peter broadbent.
  6. booooooooooooooooo hissssssssssssssssssss cat call cat call
  7. we will finish 7th,just not good enough i'm afraid.
  8. it's actually "ditchwater"
  9. some folk seem to think being "a nuisance" is good,it isnt,he needs to be scoring goals and he doesn't seem able enough,score against newcastle? highly unlikely.
  10. is there a vid of this?
  11. interesting factoid,thanks for that.
  12. liam boyce cocking his leg and doing a dog pi$$ was funny.
  13. sliding on their knees,injury waiting to happen,i'd ban it if i were a manager. oh and looking up and pointing to the sky,cringeworthy.
  14. wise up.