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  1. what about deceased fans from other sports? cant see anyone from golf or snooker etc agreeing to this sort of request,grieving for strangers in a packed stadium is plain wrong imho.
  2. aye mccartney knew what he was doing when he pinched denny laine and henry mccullough RIP,i believe old macca only paid them a set weekly wage too,tight git.
  3. anyone else see FF attempt the abdi strike? mull of kintyre tho
  4. please,nobody mention the dreaded "old lady rockin' nonsense"!
  5. almost maradonna-esque?
  6. i dont understand this,cant the missus cope without you? modern man eh?
  7. it HAS to contain whiskey.
  8. horrific avatar steve,worst on the site,shameful.
  9. JR
  10. wont ever dry up while TAS is around.
  11. had a reyt "chuckle" at that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOT.
  12. he's no longer the main man,and his ego is struggling to come to terms with that fact.
  13. "rossy"?
  14. they saw my photo on OT and upped their game.
  15. apart from the "duck" he was solid.