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  1. highly unlikely given our current form alas. but in the event of us in the premier league i doubt carlos could cope.
  2. OK fella,sorry for weeing on your chips,,,,sheesh.
  3. even if we make the play off's he should be let go at end of season.
  4. plus,he has advanced knowledge of opposing managers plans!
  5. We wont get beat this weekend.
  6. "her"!
  7. old guys who one would think should no better,and the dude in the wheeelchair,what was his gripe? unless of course thuggery isnt just what the media like to portray,ie,young lads in burberry caps and argos jewellery.
  8. 3-0 rhodes 2 mcshane OG
  9. 3-0,JR2,OG.
  10. ,,,,,,cos he's surplus to requirements here,and £5m is a lot of money.
  11. OK mate,sorry for getting all wound up.
  12. three points a MUST,lets send out a message of intent and smash them!
  13. them's a reyt pair of rasberry ripples if so
  14. 1-1
  15. the team at present are doing quite well at cheering up the visitors.