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  1. presto to be replaced with chansiri.
  2. thanks to the "messiah" and his tactics,we wont be playing,and i wont be watching.
  3. football must be the only business where failure is rewarded,anyway,i'm with viola,lets start again and hope for the best.
  4. based on the the last two seasons,he isn't up to it i'm afraid.
  5. are you really? i hear rinkeby is nice at this time of year
  6. that restaurant looks about as popular as some of our new signings.
  7. here's hoping,,,,,,
  8. carlos is clearly a nice man,so was laws and SG,every dog has it's day and all that.
  9. did you watch the two games against huddersfield? our best shot at 200 million? the only clown i could see was the guy in charge of team selection and tactics.
  10. i can assure you it is not easy for me,like all wednesday fans around the globe i saw his final self inflicted nail in the coffin on wed night,apart from fletch,wasnt this the same side that failed last year against hull? yet we have spent millions on players who he obviously does not trust! he may be a great one for spiel and the media love him,but he has been given a shed load of cash,spent it on players he leaves out,and finally,when we are chasing the greatest prize in football,he sends on a guy who hasn't scored in over a year!
  11. if he's any self respect he will be penning his resignation letter.
  12. i predicted a steel city derby for next season months ago,what do i win?
  13. get the monk.
  14. if you think the moaning is bad now wait til next season,fulham,hudds,reading will be replaced with villa,norwich,derby or any of the relegated sides,due to the tactics of CC we have missed a glorious chance of the premiership,one that may not come round again for years.