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  1. 1.5m? Surely a joke
  2. 2 stories in the paper tomorrow according to Nixon
  3. Selling Assombalonga and buying Murphy
  4. As if we would accept that derisory bid, who do they think we are Sheffield United?
  5. Terrific striker at this level when fit, Boro have the best team in the championship for me
  6. As it stands Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Fox Boyd Hutch Lee Forestieri Hooper Rhodes
  7. Carlos says nothing is close in terms of centre backs coming in, as you were
  8. Another cross another goal for Mansfield we desperately need a commanding centre half
  9. I worry for Hutch this season if the rumours about him having an operation are true, he seems to me like the kind of player that benefits greatly from a good pre season
  10. Stupid thing to say, who gets value for money in today's market? Most players are overpriced but it still doesn't stop clubs from paying them prices.
  11. Cheap positive point hunter
  12. Having George Boyd and a fully fit Kieran Lee will make a huge difference, if we can get them two running in behind and creating space then Rhodes will profit for me it's all about finding the right system
  13. Nuhiu scores