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  1. Yes. A new dawn. A new new dawn dawn
  2. I would possibly agree this should be considered taking the tinted specs off. Someone with experience to challenge him constructively and not nod nod nod with the greatest respect
  3. Right. Fingers crossed they've discussed what needs to change to move forward and we crack on together. Clean slate. Last chance. UTO
  4. I'd support you in coming out Dave x
  5. Doesn't it just. Last season will be hard to top ever
  6. Emotions were and are high and it's time for a change, but what he led, we'll never forget! Cheers Carlos, amazing personality
  7. Never considered how Rhodes n FFP would impact us....
  8. Hopefully the recruitment drive is already underway, but much can we trust the recruitment team on 3 fronts? 1. Getting the requirements right - I've seen people mention 2 wingers and a CB - what about the absolute must if 2 quality full backs, which is a big gap and something different in the middle to remove Bannan 2. Getting the right quality - self explanatory - but who can ensure the manager will give these people a fair crack in they're proper position? 3. Getting the right price - would we all complain so much about Reach if he cost a more realistic £2m? And wages are a serious consideration- based on ticket prices the fans are being asked to contribute so any more Emanuelsons and there should be an uproar! I'd like to think there's going to be an inquiry on all the wasted money this year, largely last seasons team have delivered the year on year improvement
  9. Madness. The reason we play like we do, can't be first 11 next year
  10. The immense gap in the middle
  11. Barry Bannan is the issue
  12. I'd not be surprised if they put a delay in so they all don't have to point at it for a controversial decision like Fezzi's no goal last year
  13. Will replays be delayed on Wednesday....
  14. You're a bit of a bell
  15. Exactly what I was thinking! If the key battle is vs. Jack Hunt we all immediately worry regardless how good he's been of late