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  1. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Just landed at Heathrow and checked into Hotel. We're on our way. Come on Wednesday.
  2. FF to Brighton

    That describes me reading 99% of your posts.
  3. Sam Winnall

    Did the coach take them to the train station?
  4. Robert Snodgrass

    If what is true?
  5. Yup. First game for a while and I'm buzzing. Flying into the UK on an overnight flight (probably won't sleep much), dropping bags off at the hotel and then heading to the game (via a pub, hopefully). All the current negativity, bitching and moaning - not bothered. Win, lose or draw - not bothered (too much, but a win would be nice ). I'll be watching the Wednesday and that's all that matters. Bring it on.
  6. Them revolving electric boards

    Why was it being defiant? Didn't it want to be noticed?
  7. Who's that with Selwyn Froggitt?
  8. Which one is Loovens?
  9. Foreign centre half

    There might be something in this one.
  10. Not seen MoM poll

    What the flip is wrong with you? It was pinned and then it was unpinned some time after the match had finished. Same as every other OMDT. Unpinning the thread would not hide the content. It's still there.
  11. Not seen MoM poll

    Why? It's the truth. I can't make people post in a thread just so that you can find it. What is pathetic, is you accusing us of pulling the thread, when it clearly wasn't, and not having the decency to apologise.
  12. Not seen MoM poll

    I guess somebody unpinned it after the match. I wasn't on here much yesterday so I'm not sure when it was unpinned. It drops off the front page if people don't post in it and create a pile of whining meltdown threads.
  13. Not seen MoM poll

    Did you click on the link? It's on Page 2.
  14. Not seen MoM poll

    The OMDT wasn't pulled. What's your question?