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  1. Aye that's a fair comment ;)
  2. Apprentice surpasses the master ;)
  3. Welcome, and if there's a tweet thread that you want to paste one tweet from, this thread for example: And you want to paste Tim's reply, you right click where it says "15m" (ie the time it was posted) then choose copy link location (wording may vary by browser) then you paste that as below:
  4. If you're using desktop twitter just paste the URL of the tweet eg
  5. Are you Aiden? ;)
  6. 1. HITC 2. 9 page George Hirst thread
  7. I emailed the club to ask if any pre-season friendlies were being aired on iFollow.
  8. Depends if Nuhiu is playing then get commentary from everywhere...
  9. Had a couple of Emails from the club and received permission to post the answers here which I will :) Me: Club: Me: Club:
  10. Pfft they show replays on the big screen, think you're the one who doesn't go to matches ;)
  11. That's the latest video the George Boyd one so it is Neulion.
  12. Bitrate is more important than resolution anyways, from the last two I downloaded it's about 4.8Mbit which isn't bad.
  13. True, and yes at the end of the day there's a strong chance I will sign up, but it'd be good to know how much effort the club themselves are putting into it considering it's forcing overseas fans to pay £110 up front for a year. I emailed the club to ask, so if they reply then I'll update the thread.