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  1. Rhodes is the best finisher outside the prem last 5 seasons and that is fact yet we don't play to his strengths. If we weren't/aren't going to do that then it's pointless signing him. The areas we were short in last season we mainly haven't addressed, Abdi I would reserve judgement on because he has barely been fit or given much of a chance. As I've said in another thread I don't believe most of our players are good enough because they wouldn't have got in Newcastle/Brightons sides and we finished in the playoffs because ultimately that is the level of those players. You don't buy players as back ups to improve squad depth,you buy players better than you already have and the existing players become the back ups. Forestieri was not a first team regular at Watford yet he is viewed as our main man! Despite having a great defensive record the last 3 seasons I feel this is mainly down to Westwood rather than the defence as I don't think many of our squads defensive players are good enough for a tilt at automatic. Sorry for the long rant but there is so much that needs sorting and once again we have missed a huge opportunity this season. If the dog botherers go up a club that can only sell just over 18k tickets for a play off semi final will be circa £200m better off than us!
  2. Pulisic from Dortmund, are you mental. One of the most highly regarded youngsters in Europe who has already stared in the champions league and you think he'd swop that for a crack at getting out of the championship. Unbelievable!
  3. When thinking about whether we need minor tweaks or major surgery to our team ask a couple of questions and see what answers you get. 1- How many of our players would Newcastle and Brighton signed for their 1st team. 2- How many of our current players would have got in big rons promotion team of 1990. I think the answer to both questions would be a very small number. Whilst you don't need to have the best 11 players in the division to go for automatic you need a few who are in the top 2-3 in their position. Too many of our players aren't good enough (or we have played totally the wrong tactics) to get automatic hence why we have finished in the playoffs in both the last 2 seasons.
  4. In some respects if we get promoted he might have mire chance of bring successful in the prem than being loaned out to l1 or l2. Although the prem is obviously much higher quality it is nowhere near as physical as those 2 leagues. I do hope he doesn't leave due to a small difference in wages.
  5. Congratulations on the new little owl Bedford owl
  6. Enjoy it pal, hopefully you'll have a semifinal win to celebrate during it.
  7. You've got a midweek stag do???
  8. I know the SAG are keen on safety but making us play the home leg in Hamburg seems a bit OTT!
  9. I thought the deal he signed last summer was a 3 year contract.
  10. Did hull let us have their share of the final revenue last season as happened in other recent finals?
  11. Sorted it now thanks. Thanks for the replies.
  12. I bought my semi final tickets on Sunday but my dad who is a season ticket holder also wants one. He hasn't been registered for the online shop before ( he doesn't think anyway) so I've added him as a friend on my account but when I go into the tickets section it only shows me and my son and we've reached our allocation. Any ideas?
  13. I do still gave grave concerns about our full backs, I know they have both played much better in the last few weeks but I'm still not convinced about them.
  14. Agreed about the risk, as we saw cc's first season it takes a while for a lot of new players to bed in. I would be concerned though about how losing 2 seasons in a row (especially if it was in the final) could leave a lasting issue that some players just couldn't get over (similar to the England cricketers against the convicts before vaughanies triumph in 2005.