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  1. When we got promoted in 90-91 big Ron set the team a goal scoring target for automatic promotion and divided it between the 3 areas. It was IIRC a team total of 72 goals split as follows:- Forwards 40 Midfield 20 Defenders 12. Now I personally think it with our defence this might be enough but I don't see us scoring that many from the 3 sections. I wouldn't see 40 from the forwards being a problem but can't see midfield or defence getting anywhere near the amounts above without change in personnel. I could see midfield getting 20 if ff played most of the season wide left.
  2. I actually don't give two hoots how many any defender scores that's not their bloody job. A defenders job is to bloody well defend!
  3. What specifically is his job and areas of responsibility? Is it purely strategic commercial development or all areas of commercial activity i.e club shop, merchandise kiosks?
  4. I agree those in the finance sector that were part of the cause of the last 10 years austerity is disgusting. Please don't however use the word grafting to describe a footballer who works approx 2 hours a day and then plays football 40-50 times a year and earns in 1 week about the same as a lot of the fans watching him earn in a year. Graft they definitely do not do!!!
  5. If you are half way sensible or sensibly advised you don't need to be a premier league player or 2 contracts to be set for life. Look at Tom lees for example, reported to be on £25k p/w on a 5 year deal. That equates to a gross income over the duration of that one contract of £6.5m (£1.3 m per annum). Now even if all of that income was taxable at its highest possible rate and no pension contributions were made (which wouldn't happen) his net income per annum would be £585k meaning a total over the contract of £2,925,000. Now I appreciate that this figure won't include other deductions such as ni or payments to agents etc but neither does it include any extra payments for appearances, performance bonus, loyalty payments etc so I suspect the annual net figure will be at least the same as I've quoted. If someone said to me in 5 years time I'd have that figure of just under £3m in my bank there is not a hope in hell I'd still be working. Totally off topic but just goes to show how obscene the money in football is these days that one good contract for a decent 2nd tier footballer in England sets you up for a very comfortable life.
  6. Does he play left or right side, left or right footed? Pacey? I know he's highly thought of but I don't know much about him.
  7. Yes players do play where they are told but there certainly seems to be an issue with where ff is (& has made it plainly obvious to management) playing and where he feels he should be deployed, unfortunately this is not where stats show that he and the team are both more attacking and successful.
  8. Formations don't win games, players do! As I've stated previously in another thread too many of ours just aren't good enough. How many of ours would have got in Newcastle/Brightons sides last season? Not many, as others have said although we may have lined up as a 442 last season when hutch played in midfield we predominantly played 352 with him dropping and the 2 fbs pushing on, how well did that work out? As for ff I don't give a damn where HE wants to play, he plays where he is told which should be wide left if he does one. The main issue last season was tactics and intensity the latter of which was not in the same ball park as the previous season where we often won the ball back deep in the opponents half and therefore quickly had a goal scoring opportunity. If we are going to look at a change in formation I would like to try 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-3-2 depending upon opponents.
  9. The goal against Cardiff was as much Rhodes goal as it was fessi's. Great interplay between the 2 and a cracking strike on target from Rhodes meaning all their keeper could do was palm the ball up into the air leaving fessi with an empty net to head into. Yes he had to get there before the defender but to give all the credit for that winner to fessi is just disingenuous.
  10. He has been sold previously ( to us) and went for significantly less than Rhodes.
  11. Take care all of you.
  12. I agree he was better the last period of the season but being better still doesn't mean good enough. I was lucky enough to see the best right back inside the world (& in my view possibly the best of all time) play for us 25 years ago and no full back will ever come close so they will always lose by comparison.
  13. Wing backs are players that aren't really good enough to get in a 4-4-2 so you change system to shoe horn them into the team. Neither good enough defending or attacking.
  14. We don't have 1 decent full back at the club!
  15. I've seen some highlights of Jota in the last few months but I didn't remember many crosses, can he play as a traditional winger because that's the service that Rhodes will thrive on.