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  1. "Because we can't spend money"

    I heard that live and was concerned straight away.
  2. Jones is awsum

    Other than his great strike he was truly diabolical. Always grabs once a player gets past him, a yellow card waiting to happen.
  3. Man o match etc etc

    How anyone can have voted for jones is beyond me, other than his goal which admitted was a hell of a strike he was beyond diabolical. A truly horrendous performance.
  4. Hutch on TV tomorrow night.

    I can't find it either. Weds 16/8 22.15 is bundesliga world.
  5. Hutch interview in The Star

    Why did Dom need to do 2 separate articles in the space of a few minutes? Could it not have just been 1.
  6. Carlos clarifies Forestieri comments

    A bloody primadonna who should do as he's instructed and a pathetic manager pandering to a spoilt brat so he doesn't have another paddy. His best performances and most goals come from the left. By all means allow him not to track back as I want him fit and able to create but don't play him upfront, we have much better if the service is right. I'm so p1ssed off at cc and ff's attitude I'd happily see ff gone for £10m and a new manager in before the weekend. If cc is here a the end of the transfer window I can see nothing but championship football next season.
  7. What we need right now....

    Anyone with the attacking talent we have and still names nuhiu on the bench has a lot of questions to answer
  8. johan djourou

    Not sure about the new look. I have to refresh each page twice for it to load!
  9. Steering group meeting

    It might just save your heart!
  10. Steering group meeting

    What about bacon, you not DC.
  11. Steering group meeting

    Surely you're not strictly a vegetarian then.
  12. Who would you sell?

    Just checked again to make sure and you're not too hot on either research or reading in addition to the maths deficiency. Keane has only made 57 premiership appearances not 100 and a total of 143 career appearances compared to Tom lees 320 career appearances, but hey don't let cold hard facts get in the way of your devastatingly well constructed argument!
  13. Who would you sell?

    Maths not your strong point, at £12-15m I'd say lees is about half a small good as Keane purely on how Keane has played in the prem . Lees may or may not be better than Keane has done it in the prem. I've always stated it is my view about hutch and lees, nothing more. 1 main reason about a chance being taken on hutch is purely his injury record, he was after all viewed by Chelsea as the natural successor to jt so I'd say pre injury far better judges of a players potential than you or I certainly had greater hopes for hutch than anyone has had for lees.
  14. Who would you sell?

    No I don't, I don't think he's England class but I don't think Keane is anywhere near international classed based upon what he has done so far either. Lees has far many more first team appearances but as I've said before I actually think hutch is a better ch than lees so would actually strengthen our defence by selling him. I do think in today's ridiculous market £12-15m is what we should be aiming at, and back to the point about England it shows the current paucity of centre halfs around that Keane is anywhere near the England squad.