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  1. Simon Grayson
  2. Spence is the real deal and seen as the successor to Mayweather , many top American experts and former boxers see Brook as a stepping stone.
  3. Great passion,he really cares about the club and regaining our plaice in the top six.
  4. No 34
  5. What's up we him?
  6. I watched the goals run down on sky after the Wolves match,and they commented on most of the games but ignored Wednesdays win,extraordinary to say it was two of the top six playing each other.
  7. I was ok,until the commentator started rattling on about how they beat Norwich with two injury time goals.
  8. Looked good from where I sit,middle of the North stand,what do people reckon?
  9. Big Mick
  10. What's happening on 23secs? looks like he's helping the Wednesday player with a splinter
  11. There was a huge scramble for us to sign Matty Fryatt when he had a decent loan spell for us, not heard anything of him since.
  12. He said it was a player he left out of the team.
  13. All clubs have the same the same bottom feeders as the ones abusing FF, they should get a life, and let the club deal with him.,