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  1. Yeah SYP run Sky football now
  2. Did you mean tw@?
  3. Could get relegated and promoted in same season.
  4. I downloaded this just before Xmas and the wife bought me 2017 for xmas. 2017 is still in the wrapper.
  5. I'm all for him staying and turning into a legend but I just feel that if the price is right then it might be best for all parties that he moves on rather than us paying silly wages to an unproven 18 old who we all adore already because he carries his fathers name.
  6. Anyone else think he could be worth more now as an outstanding prospect than he might be after a mediocre stint in league one if he only scored a couple of goals and found himself on the bench most games? There are hundreds of top prospects at u18 level that never make it.
  7. Wish he was then maybe we'd still be playing attacking football like last year
  8. Be nice if he started playing like he wanted to play instead of sulking cause he wants to play though. Thought last night he was the most logical sub as he had been the most ineffective player going forwards and not helped out his full back at times. If he wants to stay on the pitch he needs and we need him to start performing. Ps went to game haven't watched sky so used my own eyes for that.
  9. How long are we going to keep saying the prices were inflated. This is modern day football and unfortunately average footballers cost millions. We as fans are just miles behind.
  10. The thing I'm more and more impressed with since CC and DC have been here, there has been a positive change all around the club, together they are slowly but surely turning us into a modern day football club. People need to think of the overall picture sometimes. Its important that the younger age groups have better facilities and that we have a style of football which passes down from year to year and becomes easier for young players to then integrate with the 1st team, hopefully becoming successful and becoming big money assets in the future such as George Hirst and a few of the others. This should hopefully become a more frequent occurrence due to the current set up. Whilst we can sometimes question the tactics/personnel/players signed and for how much. At the end of the day looking back at where we were and where we are now I can personally cope with a few more years knocking on the door of the Premier League and I'd much rather us stand by Carlos and see what he can achieve year on year. A new manager may get us top 2, but on the other hand it could be a disaster and we might find ourselves in deep bother, any new coach may want to change the whole club set up which could set our current youth players back in their development and strangle us financially in the short term. Its not always as black and white as some make out. Maybe at the minute I just like the notion of us being relatively safe and I'm comfortable with that
  11. Get it up on twitter as well with the #swfc on it. Somebody will take it
  12. Surely one of you wizards can use one of the old player signing in the boardroom pics and photoshop hourihanes head onto it. Place on twitter then sit back and relax.
  13. Amond got 37 goals last season for Grimsby and has now moved to hartlepool.