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  1. Probably still higher than Man City's over the last few years!
  2. I'm not his biggest fan, but he can be quality on his day, when he's not obsessed with passing sideways. I'd hope we'd get nearer £10m than £5m though given the inflated prices at PL and Championship level these days. If Burnley think he's good enough to pay in the PL they should be paying accordingly like they did by (over)paying £13m for Brady and £10.5m for Hendrick.
  3. Wasn't he past it when he was 18?
  4. Well I still didn't notice Mooey We didn't seem to have a clue what to do when he ran at us from midfield in the two games at there place.
  5. I've seen us play Huddersfield 4 times this season and each time Brown has been their standout player particularly at their place. Barely noticed Mooey tbh.
  6. First game, which will be the 3rd game of his ban following the two Huddersfield games. He's undoubtedly got talent, but now that we've got Reach and Forestieri who both play on the left I just don't see where Matias fits in other than as a possible impact sub.
  7. Sam Allardyce But it'll turn out that he'd been naughty and would regenerate after just one episode .
  8. Out of the 24 Championship clubs this season, the pitch at Hillsborough was only the 15th biggest by area. The big stands create the illusion that the pitch is bigger, same with Wembley, people talk about the big Wembley pitch but it's little more than average sized, it's exactly the same size as Huddersfield and Blackburn.
  9. tbh I thought it was just multiples of 1867, so with 144 winners I thought we had 268,848 season ticket holders. Imagine the look on the SAG faces
  10. I don't work on the turnstiles but I've also been told (by Mr Chansiri via the Internet) that we're planning a big home friendly, but not who or when.
  11. Boooo, I didn't win and I bet I've got more TPP than almost all of them.
  12. Bring on the aggressive entertaining attacking football
  13. I'd like that exact scenario - but early April would be better.
  14. Hasn't he already managed every team in Portugal?
  15. Also lost at home to Derby in the FA Cup. Apart from JPT only one I can remember winning at home was v Watford, Di Canio sent off for getting two yellows disputing one throw in and Pressman nearly broke the net with his winning pen