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  1. I wouldn't go that far, Cromwell's hairstyle may have been somewhat effeminate but he was married with 9 children.
  2. Looks like a doodle of a frog to me.
  3. Even dem blades don't hyphenate the y. Except for Lavery-y
  4. That was quality seeing them on the pitch again for Hirst's testimonial. However they were all in their late 30s or early 40s then, 15 years on they'll be in no fit state and it'd just be walking football. (insert Nuhiu joke here)
  5. Me and my mate were the first Wednesdayites to get David Hirst's autograph after he signed for us. We were outside the players entrance when his dad dropped him off. "Are you David Hirst?" "Yeah" "Sign this please" I bet he still remembers that as the moment he realised he'd made it big.
  6. Luca Toni is 40 now, poor signing.
  7. Candy Does Debbie was a reyt good film.
  8. I called in advance and you promised to get me a blue one if I paid extra. Well I've just noticed that they're all blue you scamming c__
  9. He thought the tram had arrived at last
  10. "Official" now Free transfer
  11. Well the "source" in that thread is somebody being told about it by somebody from Sheffield. Seems legit.
  12. Wouldn't that team from Luxembourg offer a tougher workout for the players?
  13. Yes their claims can be disproven, but facts and evidence mean nothing to dem blades, they just believe and repeat what they want to and then it's fact in their heads. After all, these are the ones who invented a fictional "library document" 20+ years ago that despite being strewn with basic errors still gets passed around as fact to this day, and even stoop to photoshopping ordnance survey maps to try and back up their false claims.
  14. I just Googled it mate That particular game was just before my time but I recall the first two rounds being over two legs until as late as 2000
  15. It was the second leg - back in those days both the first and second rounds of the league cup were played over 2 legs, and nobody ever complained about fixture pileup!