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  1. If we go up there'll be outraged threads on here every time we're the last game shown on MOTD.
  2. Is it a very young John Terry?
  3. If my ticket has been sold I'll be livid.
  4. We'll bring Semedo on to close the game out. His last contribution in a Wednesday shirt will be a surging run up the Wembley touchline, Lawrie Madden style.
  5. Best player. Sam Hutchinson Most improved player. David Jones - looked like Darren Potter at first but has looked way better recently Best home performance. Newcastle Best away performance. Newcastle Best away team. Brighton Best away player. Brentford's keeper Best addition to the squad. Kieran Lee on Saturday
  6. If you insist, you could put a bet on an Ipswich and Leeds double, and then any winnings on that for us to lose against Fulham and Leeds to win on the last day..
  7. I can't believe nobody's mentioned this before
  8. "Look at this thread on Owlstalk, there's a bloke arguing for 4 pages that Rhodes and Forestieri should start up front. "
  9. Why wouldn't we want to play Fulham? They play decent attacking football - we tend to play better against those sides than struggling to break down boring timewasters like Reading.
  10. True, but with our lack of central midfield options it's either him or Semedo. I reckon Lee will get an hour. Semi on if we're winning, otherwise move Wallace or Reach inside.
  11. Bench
  12. Funny how "Charmer" has stopped coming on Owlstalk as well, now that Wednesday are doing well and Leeds have slipped. Odd, he claimed that he was Wednesday through and through and wasn't a Leeds fans badly pretending to be a Wednesdayite at all.
  13. How has Sessegnon got in, just because he's young and scored twice at Newcastle? He's only started 15 games all season, and Fulham only kept 3 clean sheets in those games, all against relegation fodder.
  14. Usually for the defence and keeper if there's no outstanding candidate they just stick somebody in from one of the top two clubs, it's just laziness / ignorance - pigs have got their keeper in the L1 team, doubt he's had that much to do seeing as they're supposedly so amazing (is he the one who seems to concede loads of long distance shots as well?). Stockdale isn't all that good, I certainly wouldn't swap Westwood for him, but the best two keeper performances I've seen against us this season have both been from the Brentford goalie.