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  1. That could happen at lots of grounds The people you quote cover their backsides by simply restricting numbers. That takes no skill, the skill would be in keeping the place safe while letting the crowds in. Leppings Lane needs redeveloping there's no doubt about that but that's because it's old and the facilities are rubbish not because it is dangerous.
  2. We should be challenging again but I don't see any significant intent to be better than last season.
  3. Yours truly is making an appearance today. What is it about Wednesday we are playing Mansfield away in a pre season friendly and this 50 something year old is as excited as a kid on Christmas day morning
  4. Well my eloquent friend I am well aware of the benefits of membership having been a member for several years. However the reality is the membership could be sold for any amount its pure profit (Except for VAT and minimal processing costs) all Wednesday are providing is a discount and priority status above that of the general public. They could sell it for £10 or £20 or whatever.Wednesday have nominal costs and zero risk ( If you use it they make money if you don't use it they make money ) this is unlike an insurance policy where if the client makes a big claim the insurance company loses money in relation to the premium you have paid.
  5. I assume from your post that £50 is not a lot for you and as it happens thankfully it's not a lot for me. I think you should show some empathy with fellow fans who find £50 to be significant. But it's not about the amount for me it's about the value. Ie you give Wednesday £50 and you get nothing for your money. It's practically 100% profit. It was £10 a season a few years ago Another example would be I can afford to go to the pub whenever I want, if my local put beer up from £3.80 to £5 I could still afford to go whenever I wanted but I would not be happy because although I could afford it I would not be getting value for money.
  6. I don't think they could have remotely considered increasing it again , sadly its not as valuable as it once was because there are so more season ticket holders now members are a lot further down the pecking list and cant get tickets for many of the away games. the club gets £50 a year for effectively thin air. In the not so distant past I think I paid £10 per year. Not many peoples wages have gone up by 500% in the last decade.
  7. I went to this game at half time the score was 9-0, I did not see this but apparently the Alfreton chairman came over to some Wednesday Fans at half time and was meant to be a fu full friendly and not an academy game. Alfreton were expecting a second string team and we sent a bunch of kids. Alfreton eased off in the second half. Which in many ways for them was a mistake as if they had scored 17 it would have been our biggest ever defeat.
  8. I have been to 156 grounds old and new I completed the 92 club last year but now I am missing the new west ham ground. But 156 grounds is only playing at it have a look at this list
  9. I am pretty sure which would win a fans vote.
  10. Simple stuff really that is a Wednesday home shirt , the previous item was a Arsenal shirt coloured blue.
  11. It does seem a real step backwards this year compared to seeing Benfica st Hillsborough in 2016. It's a real shame
  12. A shirt to remind us of one of the darkest periods in our history, it's horrific
  13. Well done to the club I am not sure what more people want them to do.
  14. I understand your point but Imo it will be a sad day for community football when you can't go and watch your local team when you fancy it. Not everybody wants, can afford or has the luxury of being able to commit to go every week.
  15. They may not be sold on the day but there are plenty that are sold on a match by match basis. However the ones I have seen are wrapped in VIP packages, so matchday plus meal plus a few bits and bobs Equals £200 plus!