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  1. Everybody knows the rules at the start of the season. 3rd is no better than 6th, bad luck reading congratulations huddersfield town
  2. The play off system allows around the top 8 or 9 teams to have something to play for right until the last couple of weeks of the season. Also the fact that fans from all the leagues have a realistic chance of seeing their team one day at wembley. It's a great system
  3. I don't know much about betting but I don't see any reason why Norwich. Fulham and Derby are shorter odds than us. Villa with Bruce yes, boro and Hull perhaps
  4. Could you post a link to these odds please
  5. Which teams do they have in front of us?
  6. No its most certainly anger and disappointment. If we had been unlucky in open play against Huddersfield I could accept it there Ofcourse was no guarantee it's sport. But over 2 legs imo we never tried to impose ourselves. 2 leg games favour the bigger stronger squads we never used that advantage. We played to win by the odd goal that should be the weaker squads tactic and that's why I am going to play golf today instead of going to Wembley.
  7. Anger and disappointment have really kicked in this morning. It's not we are 'bigger' than huddersfield it's that we have spent several times what they have and over two games we shod have beaten them and we were rubbish, huddersfield deserved to win, there the Yorkshire team in London today and I hope they win. These play offs were there for the taking. 18 years and counting ffs
  8. The price of our kids kits is ridiculous
  9. I thought the Benfica game last year was a great relaxing night out more of the same please plus a couple of away grounds we don't normally visit Also please can we have the schedule published as early as possible. It just makes things easier
  10. I thought the Benfica game last year was a great relaxing night out more of the same please, plus a couple of away grounds we don't normally visit
  11. Well I did say that it was worst case that he was past his best. He's 27 so should be in his prime.
  12. Good post I totally agree that sadly from my point of view the club has moved successfully to season ticket model. But 25k is still a big number we will see
  13. If we achieve anything near 25k I would be happily amazed.
  14. Has the actual laws of the land changed since 2012 or have the jobsworth's at SAG just decided to be more awkward. If it's the later these people need challenging constantly for two reasons 1) they are depriving our club of money 2) people are missing games when there are plenty of seats available
  15. What earth do you want the man to say. I think it's a good statement from a man who has certainly moved this club forward.