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  1. I don't know, we didn't do to bad last time we took a defender they didn't want.
  2. At least we had our new kit.
  3. Neither does Bannan and Lee as a pairing.
  4. Summer holidays are early December through till the first week in February. It's taking some getting used to I can tell ya.
  5. Not in NZ, it's Sunday night and school in the morning.
  6. I hope he does come good but I see him fighting it out with Lee for the attacking midfielder role. A beast of a CM is a must as the midfield is to lightweight with Bannan and Jones covering the other cm position.
  7. I'm just reading the wicked pirate with my daughter for her homework.
  8. Boro lost to Roachdale, they will still win the league. Friendly results mean nothing and give no indication to how we will fare for the coming season.
  9. This is the problem, we now have a very decent squad buts so do Villa, Boro and I see these as our biggest threat for the top 2 spots. We have the best keeper, wingers and strikers in the league and top improve the areas I've mentioned will make us genuine contenders but that costs and as you've rightly pointed out FFP is having an effect on our dealings. I'd like to see 2 things happen to help with this, firstly we need a cull as our squad is top heavy and we don't need more than 2 players per position. Secondly I would be hoping Mr Chansiri is exploring avenues that increase income and elevates the problem of FFP such as renaming the stadium.
  10. I don't think we need 2 CB, one of the required quality will be more than sufficient. LB, I'd be happy to give Fox a shout but is Carlos as he overlooked him for large parts last season. Hopefully he will prove to be a fantastic signing and Pudil is more than adequate back up, if not then we will need a new one. RB, as you say Palmer is steady but we need better than steady especially when Hunt is inconsistent as he is. This is just my opinion but I think it's the difference between challenging for the play offs and challenging for the top 2.
  11. Sounds daft doesn't it but when you look at it we have 3 CBS in Lees, Loovens and Hutchinson. Only Lees has a full season in him the other 2 have been injured for large parts of the last 2 seasons and if we are being honest a quality CB has been needed for sometime. RB, we have Hunt who is inconsistent at best, granted he finished the season well, then there is Palmer who should be nowhere near the first team. LB we have Pudil who is decent on his day but those days are getting fewer and fewer plus he seems to be injured a lot these days, Fox hasn't really played enough and that brings it's own worries because if he was up to it he would have played a lot more. We have played Reach at LB more than we should which is ridiculous as a 5m LW should be fighting it out with Forestieri for the LW spot. Our impressive clean sheets record is down to more than just the defense, we have the best keeper in the league which helps massively, we also have defensively minded number of CM which also helps.
  12. Hunt, Pudil and Fox should be no more than back up imo.
  13. Your spot on fella. To be in with a very good shout of the top 2 we need a LB,CB,RB and a quality CM. Get these 4 pieces of the puzzle and we'll have a good Crack at it, if not it's the play offs again.
  14. I hope your right, we have a bloody decent squad with plenty of options. Granted we could do with one or two upgrades but the squad as it stands is capable of a top 6 finish. There is no need or excuses for shoehorning this time round.
  15. I've lost count of how many times I've said it but ultimately it will cost him his job.