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  1. Carlos read the script then wiped his arse on it.
  2. Can't argue with that fella.
  3. If it means us playing one less cm then I'd drive him there myself.
  4. Cant argue with a word of that fella.
  5. Ask yourself why, they have both been stand out players in other teams.
  6. I feel we could have had the worlds best midfield and Carlos would still go with Hutch, Bannan and Lee in midfield. Sadly I have no confidence he will address this and this will be our downfall yet again.
  7. Not really bad recruitment but bad tactics. The team that lost to Huddersfield was the same team minus Hooper who lost to Hull last season. To many favourites and not enough balls to drop them.
  8. Rhodes is the best striker in this league by a country mile, his record speaks for itself. Abdi, granted we haven't seen the best of him but he is head and shoulders above anything we have in midfield, Watford fans were devastated to lose, there wasn't a Wednesday fan alive who wasn't happy when he signed.
  9. Didn't we finish above Huddersfield, the key for us is consistency and the ability to get the best out of our best players ie Forestieri, Rhodes and Abdi.
  10. Abdi the best midfilder in our squad doesn't even get a mention.
  11. In 4 games plus extra time they scored one goal and we had to do that for them, only we could feck that up.
  12. Couldn't have put it better, still really angry about it but while ever DC backs Carlos then we need to get behind him,I just hope he addresses his short comings this season. This time next year he will either be a hero or an expensive out of work failure. No pressure.
  13. Id take that.
  14. Other than on here I haven't seen any links with Jota.