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  1. Anyone who slags Westwoods distribution wasn't at QPR, I still say it, pass of the season to set up our second goal, yes it's a pass not a kick. Never going to slag him off for trying to put the ball in the right area for a flick on, fine margins and very little room for error when trying to find a full backs head 60 yards away who's hugging the touchline. A lot of teams, are looking to clip it into a wide man 40 yards away (Fulham did this at Hillsborough) but we are looking to advance further up the pitch and sacrifice a bit of accuracy for an extra 20-30 yards into the opposites half
  2. im sure I lost about 50 points about a month ago.
  3. best pass of the season
  4. I have 1 adult, face value but I'm limited for spare time to meet. DM if still needed
  5. so that was you stood directly behind me at the end of row FF? Really wish I'd had turned round and told you to shut the f**k up but I had my young son and his pal with me. Jesus you really need to get a grip pal. I'm.actually embarrassed for you. I had to endure your lack of football knowledge for 90 minutes, please do us all a favour stay at home and follow one of the premiership top 4 on Sky.
  6. looking back really wish I'd have turned around and told them to give it a rest. Next i certainly will. I love Westwood, I really do, TBH I was giving them a half hearted clap as they came off the pitch, I was very disappointed with the performance, the players looked dejected, I clapped Westwood and gave him a thumbs up, what blame can realisically be placed at his door? next thing he's pointing up in my direction, I presume at the areshole behind me who's slagging all the players off. Money doesn't come into it in my book, our players are paid well for being top professional footballers, so what, get used it, that's football these days. If someone numpty was questioning me and the job I'd done to the best of my ability I'd be well peeved. Weren't these the same fans praising Fessi, Westwood and Abdi after Forest last week?
  7. you must have been stood near me, row GG. There were 2 blokes and a woman directly behind us, no one was let off with their over the top abuse, I'm no happy clapper, when we lose, like today it takes me a good while to get over it but they were way over the top.
  8. should have taken off Wallace, moved McManaman to right, Fessi left with Winnal and Rhodes up front.
  9. he looked straight at when he was saying it, even my young lad asked why he'd said it to me, I then realised it was 2 simpletons behind me who were absolutely ripping all the players too bits. Yes we were poor, yes its not what we expect in a local derby against a play off rival but these two went way over the top. Embarrassing really.
  10. its like watching a Stuart Gray team, no attacking impetus, quite happy to keep the clean sheet. So different from last season. I'm so bored, have been most of the season.
  11. After an outstanding performance in a trials game earlier this week for Sheffield Wednesday, we can now confirm that Pitmen defender Cohen Bramall has been invited for a two day trial and assessment with Premier League side Arsenal. It was during the trial game for the Yorkshire club that the exciting young defender was spotted by an Arsenal scout. Everyone at Hednesford Town Football Club would like to wish Cohen all the very best with this latest trial as he looks to build on the excellent season he has so far enjoyed at Keys Park.
  12. Westwood looked like he wanted to kill him, literally. Absolutely livid with him for giving such a stupid free kick away in a dangerous position with 4 minutes to go. Didn't seem interested from when he came on, tried a few fancy flicks not much else.
  13. do you not think the member of the coaching staff(not sure who cause I didn't see) was simply going through defensive set pieces with him ie. Who's on front post, who's in the hole, who's picking up Dunk. Who usually takes penalties and where he normally puts them etc. etc. Believe it or not these things are done each and every game.
  14. I was in the car
  15. just passed it, looks great.