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  1. These floodlights are mandatory at Premier League grounds. Frequency of current floodlights induce flicker on 4K super slow motion TV replays. if promoted Wednesday would have to spend around £10m on mandatory upgrades such as Two TV studios, 32 camera positions, enhance depress facilities including mixed zone etc etc. Middlesbrough had to spend that much upgrading a ground less than 30 years old.
  2. Written before last years final, hence the date. nice bait.
  3. I've seen a fair bit of him live. He's not clinical by any means, needs 3 chances to score one goal but his movement does generate goalscoring opportunities. I'll say 7 goals which would be decent, especially if one is the winner at Wembley in May, but the risk is that fans will turn if he misses a couple of sitters and doesn't get off the mark early. if promotion doesn't happen he'll get 25 league goals next year. I'm just happy that for the first time since probably Di Canio we've finally signed somebody that might positively impact the next home gate.
  4. SSN announce it's done.
  5. It's the first time in the clubs history we've had anything to sweat on deadline day. We are in the big time.
  6. We want Carlos in Carlos out in out in out we shake it all about. we do The Sheffield Wednesday and we turn it round thats what we're all about oh The Sheffield Wednesday ohhhhh The Sheffield Wednesday oh The Sheffield Wednesday knees bend arms stretch rah rah rah.
  7. Block 529, wee wee head bounced forward two rows knocking the feller in front forward head first two rows leaving him too injured to stand up so he had to sit down and see nothing for the full 90 minutes (incident took place before kickoff). wee wee head didn't come back for 2nd half.