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  1. Hooray
  2. Calm down....its pre season. But for the record....we are getting 100 points this season. FACT
  3. Glad to see they travel in style lol. Then again it's a free holiday to Portugal so I guess it's not too shabby.
  4. I don't give two shiney sh*ts who make the kit, as long as it looks like a Wednesday shirt and it is of a good quality. As if I am buying my kids these shirts I do not want them falling to bits after a few washes. If they are Lacatoni but are made to a high standard I will be chuffed.
  5. When I first saw the title of this thread I thought "oh good another Rhodes thread". But fair play to the op...this thread is original. I think that's the best thing I can say about it though.
  6. Ground looks immense. I was literally gobsmacked how great the new paint looks. I've heard they are doing a spot of pointing next on the brickwork. Absolute scenes!!
  7. Good move for him but I'm surprised more teams are not interested. There can't be that many young English strikers who scores 40 goals last season. If that is indeed what he scored....thats what I've heard.
  8. It's great that we are being patient. But it's so bloody boring.
  9. Aarrrgh I'm gonna go let off some steam.
  10. I was quite young but remember how teams would sometimes put 3 players on him when he had the ball. 3. That's insane. But they had too...he would just destroy one defender everytime. Two defenders he would just embarrass. Three could just about cope...sometimes.
  11. On a side note it's going to be funny watching Wolves flop again next season. When an agent starts dictating signings things will go very wrong.
  12. I agree Batth if at the right price would be a very good buy. Every time I've seen Wolves play he's been very solid. Like I say would depend on the price.
  13. Literally the massivist club on the planet. FACT.
  14. Anya swap with FF. Plus 5 million coming to us...probably. I'll go stick it on Twitter for "a laugh". I'm a reet lad me.
  15. Westwood 3 cbs New cb Hutch - to carry the ball forward and to play long balls if available. He could even step into midfield to release bannan to go further forward. Key role and he is the perfect player for it. Lees Lwb reach Rwb boyd Both got immense engines to be up and down those flanks all day. Deep lying playmaker - bannan - good engine, good technically. Got an eye for a pass. Attacking mids - abdi and Lee (could Forestieri play as an acm?) Lee could drop back with bannan to shore things up if needed. Hooper and Rhodes up top. Abdi feeding thru balls and Lee running past them both to cause havoc. Plus crosses from our wide men. Easy this management lark.