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  1. Awww. I like his song :(
  2. Great move for Dean this, cant blame him for going. I do fear the worst when it comes to young Hirsty, he will be gone if he keeps scoring. This Toulon tournament could be fundamental in if he stays or goes.
  3. He will be gone this summer, so will Nuhiu. We dont need either of them.
  4. If designed properly utilising all the space and including genius new ways of creating extra space...there is no reason for us to move. We can build a brand new Hillsborough where she is now.
  5. Leeds have proven that you can build u good team just from loans. I don't think we even need to spend. We could have the pick of the Prem cast offs as we would appeal.
  6. I've lost faith in him.
  7. Westwood Lees Hutch New cb New rwb Lee Bannan Abdi New lwb or reach Rhodes Hooper
  8. 343 or 352 would both work. We just need a couple of wing backs and a new cb.
  9. Fantastic news. Let's hope he can finish off the squad and romp home in the autos. By the end of the season he will probably be the longest serving manager in the league.
  10. Clubs often talk to more than one manager.
  11. Seems a bit of a *** but he is a decent manager with lots of experience. Does he play good football?
  12. Arsenal last season is what it would be like most weeks. Ok maybe not quite as electric given it was a cup game but not far off. I remember the 90s and loved seeing us mixing it with the best players in the country and world. We are not a small club who would consider ourselves lucky to be there. We would give it a bloody good go. We need the Premier League.
  13. Every manager at every team in the history of football has made a number of bad signings that just didn't work out. It does not make Carlos a bad manager. We have finished 4th and 6th in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. It's not like we have spent way more than any other club either. Our spending is pretty average in this league.
  14. We don't need a striker. We need 4. We have 4. Hooper, Rhodes, Winnall, Fletcher
  15. Didn't he just sign a new contract? Or did I imagine it. Not that they mean anything anyways but would definitely hike the price up.