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  1. Font is too small.
  2. There appears to be momentum in the idea:
  3. Republic of Ireland.
  4. It has to be a foreigner. All 3 promoted teams this year will have a foreign manager.
  5. I agree. We only turned up for 15 mins in the second half.
  6. I'm nervous Air Canada will put their prices up before the play off final, what if I can't get a flight ?
  7. Get well soon Mick, I had a heart attack when I saw the Air Canada prices Vancouver to Heathrow !
  8. Fulham we're coming for you:
  9. Just checking Air Canada, do they have pies ?
  10. What ! No pie chart ?
  11. I know a cracking story about Gladstone Small.
  12. Whats the difference between an egg and a fiveknuckle shuffle ? You can beat an egg.