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  1. If he doesn't go out on loan then he surely has to get some substitute appearances here and there in appropriate games.
  2. ...what? How long do you have to play well for to deserve a new contract then? Surely if he's played well for two years we want him to be here? He's a player that has consistently given us end product, he dragged us through last years playoffs and if he keeps having a positive influence then we should be keeping him here as a squad player at least.
  3. One of my favourite players of the current regime. He's earned his contract already based on other contracts we have handed out, hopefully he's been given this ultimatum because Carlos believes it will get the best out of him? I look forward to the cheeky scamp taking questionably placed corners for some time to come :)
  4. Another one on the pile of players that has obviously had their chance and need to be cut loose...
  5. We should in no way whatsoever be going into the season with him forming a part of our plans, he is not someone we can rely on. At best he's someone who can have a go from the bench, but at this rate I think it'd be in everyone's interests to just cut our losses and move him on.
  6. Lose Winnall and keep Nuhiu/Joao? Crazy times if that happens. Winnall looked decent when he got his chances and looked so committed, his reactions to misses and his goal were so telling.
  7. I was absolutely gutted when he left, but I was too young and new to football to fully understand what was going on at the time.
  8. Yep I'm happy to write off Joao at this point, not Rhodes.
  9. Two years ago we didn't have any money. Why do people keep reflecting on the past to justify current failings? The two don't correlate. The nonsense with the likes of Buckley, McManaman, Urby, Fox, Jones, Winnall etc... who never get a look in or aren't an improvement on what we have suggests something isn't right, not everyone can be a hit but they aren't one-offs at this point, resources and squad places wasted. We are doing better than two years ago, but we could and should be doing even better than that.
  10. We aren't going to sign anyone. We will sell FF and that's it.
  11. If we'd kept Semedo... this is Cantona all over again.
  12. Hutch has been one of our most important players over the last two years. He also clearly loves playing here and is valued immensely by the coach. Unless we get a silly offer, he's going nowhere.
  13. Considering his potential and his ability at his age for a goalkeeper I'd say that's a very fair price.
  14. The point is that regardless of his past successes, he has not been good for us and has seemed unsettled. Sometimes transfers just don't work out for a player, be it for on or off field reasons. Considering our position of trying to push for promotion it seems a crazy gamble to place faith in a player in his situation and as some of you say 'build the team around him' when it's not worked for a full season. If he can turn it around, great, but on the evidence so far, we'd be better taking a chance on someone who hasn't failed to fit in.
  15. That's some Donald Trump bobbar.