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  1. Will we be playing in shorts and vests again
  2. Great we get to see proper blue and white stripes
  3. Larry May?
  4. I've known Dan for years since back in the fanzine days. Great guy and a fitting award to a superb piece of work. Also worth catching his doc on the Korean world cup team.
  5. No stripes pffft, right it will be 35 years of not buying a home shirt now
  6. Will be fantastic to see an inebriated Hirst and Sheridan stumbling out of the adelphi hotel in peaky blinder caps and garb
  7. To put the little fouls in to context we were awarded 8 free kicks last night. Brentford got a whopping 17
  8. 1 - Not heard this since about 95 at Bolton away but I'd rather be a !@#$ than a blade 2 - Suck my @#$/ especially when you have kids with you
  9. Just been in the shop and there's plenty of kids sizes available in the abomination of a home shirt
  10. Just goes to show people don't like change
  11. Love both in equal measures
  12. Seen him many times over the years. RIP fella