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  1. Pathetic.
  2. That tackle is criminal. Love him to do that to Billy Sharp when we're 4-0 up.
  3. Yes, this totalitarian regime and delayed release of a football shirt is exactly like the mass genocide committed under Stalin's Soviet Union.
  4. New mascot
  5. Can't you move your holiday to October?
  6. Apron needs to be all blue, just to annoy @zzmdu.
  7. Jesus that's old. Just spotted my entry with his little owl todger popping out his shirt.
  8. ROLF
  9. BBC 1 now, Paul Carrick coming up with Sheffield Wednesday as his specialist subject.
  10. Of course - Luis Suarez.
  11. I've just woken up again and it's definitely not tomorrow.
  12. Bet you were still wearing last season's jackets as well. Disgraceful.