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  1. Technicalities / semantics ?. If he's done nothing wrong he ought to be sueing someone. I stand by the last sentence of my post.
  2. A bloke who tries to engineer a 40k bung whilst getting paid millions a year ain't going to turn another pay day down. He's a greedy c@nt everything that's wrong with modern football.
  3. but it would better still if we did the double and got automatic
  4. I'd accept the pigs doing the double over us and us getting automatic promotion all day long.
  5. I got more right than him last season and I was guessing.
  6. So people are complaining about our lack of attacking intent under Carlos and want monk to replace him. Reyt.
  7. Apart from all last season.
  8. McCarthy with money would be better than pardew.
  9. Mick McCarthy would be better than him.
  10. So the time to do it would be while we're still in the championship and can manage without the capacity most of the time.
  11. What if we tried to loan him out but he refused to go ?. Which is obviously his prerogative. I'd love to know the full story on why he's frozen out I can't see any manager denying themselves a potentially decent player for no good reason.
  12. Glad to hear it I suppose I just need my faith in decent humanity reaffirming.
  13. Fu@k off Pig.
  14. course it is . After all why would you ever call anyone by their name.
  15. You've got a bit of a soft spot for the dirty scrubbers haven't you.