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  1. Any opportunity for the wrist spotted supreme.
  2. I honestly think they're going to struggle big time. Either tufty is a genius who can get the best out of nobodies or they are going to spend some money. I don't think either is true.
  3. Are you still attending the ceremony to receive your little ray of sunshine award ?.
  4. Apparently he said he'd have a good go at that,just as long as he doesn't have to keep the fu@@er happy.
  5. What's it got to do with Rhodes or any other players for that matter. Salad cream seems relevant now , I'm out.
  6. How the f@@k am I driving him away ?. And who's said he's not a good player when he's on it he's excellent at this level, it's only Fernando that can decide to be on it more often and REALLY commit to the cause. He'll never get a better chance to make the big time than with us. It's a two way street.
  7. Or you seriously saying Sheffield Wednesday without FF or any other over paid mercenary wouldn't be worth watching. If so you're either dafter than I thought you were or a bigger Wum than I thought.
  8. because he's not very good.
  9. I'm quite often great friends with the bloke wearing my shoes.
  10. Westwood to everton !.
  11. You give him too much credit he's proved himself in the stupidity stakes.
  12. Let it go saddo it's getting boring now cheers.
  13. Let's get promoted first then worry about it would be my plan. UTO.