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  1. That explains the clientele.
  2. Tbf early on in the season Pudil looked like" his legs had gone ". Really don't know what the problem was or what's happened to rectify it but he looks back to the form that made us sign him. Regarding Hunt some of his crossing and decision making was abysmal early in the season but he's obviously worked at it with the coaching staff and been excellent for a few weeks now. It's really made a difference well done to the pair of them and the coaching staff.
  3. Your obsession with JR is becoming more and more embarrassing . Find something else to be obsessed with this is not healthy for you.
  4. you'd drop Wallace for matais.
  5. It'd give me a full on stonker , however this may look like a slight erection.
  6. The only time I've ever walked out of a ground with that many Wednesday fans in complete silence.
  7. Thought so I was sure I'd played against him. It's scary when your contemporaries go. RIP Nigel and sincere condolences to all family and friends.
  8. Did Nigel used to play for the Industry in Darnall many moons ago ?.
  9. no need to worry about the reaper in there.
  10. Do we know this as a fact ?.
  11. One the main reasons for this run is that his sides have been better than ours over the last few years. Not now though still can't believe they won that game earlier in the season at Hillsborough. Come on Wednesday lets smash the dingle face flap and make the play offs in style.
  12. Let them share the plaudits, we'll have the promotion.
  13. If we get into the play offs I fancy us to win them been saying it all season.
  14. we're going to win next week I'm looking forward to a great weekend.
  15. ^^^ If we're in this division next year he'd be a good signing,good championship defender.