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  1. To be fair fella you stared the "fan" debate didn't you? I'm sure we both want success but the difference between 'me and thee' is I don't think CC will deliver it and I'm prepared to say so. If you think he will then fine but don't suggest for one minute I'm not a fan.
  2. I'm only interested in success. I guess I just want to win more than you 'new' fans.
  3. Look at you....watch them for a season and all of a sudden you are an expert.
  4. Ha ha....ye course you did.
  5. So you don't go. Explains a lot.
  6. 25% ish.
  7. Irrelevant. What were you like under Big Ron?
  8. Chance of going up %?
  9. When have I slated the players and the club? I dont believe CC will take us up.....shoot me!! As for being a "fan", I spend thousands of £ watching us all over the country every year and have done since the 70s. What about you?
  10. Great. I don't but I hope you are right. It's those that don't think we will go up but don't question anything that I don't understand.
  11. Don't you understand that signing more players that are past their best and are potentially not first choice is not the way to go? We need players that are going to come straight into the first team, improve us and move us to the next level.
  12. Get off the he fence. I don't think we will and I'm prepared to say so......clap clap clap.
  13. Do you think we will go up this season?
  14. Do you think we will go up this season?
  15. He is a clapper if he thinks signing someone that is "likely to be second choice" is progress.