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  1. Shame he couldn't get the extra small percent out of them this season.
  2. They are grown man who's colleague is leaving. What's the problem?
  3. Really?
  4. Head above the parapet time.....I think it's a bad decision and I don't think we will go up next year. Hope I'm wrong and the majority are right and I know I can get ready for the inevitable barrage of abuse if I am.
  5. Why are people obsessed with needing to 'like' the manager? The vast majority will never meet him and if they do it will be for a couple of seconds to have a sad selfie.
  6. No his football is as boring and negative as Carlos.
  7. Not the way we played for the vast majority of the season, no.
  8. Midfielder who lacks pace and has his best years behind him. There could be some truth in it.
  9. We were in the Championship just like we are now. Anyone would think he has got us promoted with no money not failed with a load of money.
  10. Well while we are comparing let's compare this: For the seasons 13/14 AND 14/15 our spending was £2.48m For the seasons 15/16 AND 16/17 our spending was £22.40m (and the figure is actually £32.40m if you include the £10m already committed for Rhodes). Figures taken from Transfermarket.co.uk and don't actually include loan fees which will have been massive in the last two years compared to the previous two.
  11. Miracles? Really? The last 15 years are absolutely irrelevant.
  12. Pick the bones out of this lot. Sougou Wiggins Joao Price Matias Lachman Emanuelson Jones Abdi Kean Buckley Mcmanaman Fox Sasso McGeady
  13. Pure guess work from the OP.
  14. 1. Fine you think every team in the league has ambition to be champions. 2. In your initial response to me say we were dreadful to watch you said I can't have seen us much over the last 2 years but now you are saying it doesn't matter. Make your mind up. 3. You are quick to point out how much Villa have spent but turn a bind eye to the fact Huddersfield have spent a pittance. 4. You said Westwood, Lee and Lees were the Grey signings but what about Loovens and Hutchinson (and big Dave for that matter who is unbelievably still getting game time) 5. Tactical masterclass? It was horrendous and we lost. We have signed around 20 players in the last 2 years. How many of those have been a massive success?