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  1. Bizarre! So he should be only be on the bench, but he's got to start cos he's doing great!
  2. OK, next season I'm expecting Ronaldo and a host of other world-class stars to be playing for us; none of the current squad will get a look in. Easy this management lark init!
  3. So, POTM with a decent set of goals and assists is still not good enough for some. 'It's all about opinions' is the usual response from the moaners. Well some opinions are clearly more sensible than others! Discuss!
  4. Megson and Pearson are favourites to replace him. Irvine's turned 'em down; he's got badges y'know!
  5. Yip, the answer is clear: don't post on t'internet when you've been drinking all day. PS You missed Alan Irvine off your list!
  6. If only we could play well but lose every game eh?
  7. What if it's DC that has told CC to be more defensive minded this season? After all he explained and showed what his personal preference was last season. Bottom line is only DC and CC know, only DC can/will decide what happens to CC. Until and unless anything changes then give CC and the team all your support. WAWAW
  8. Was going to post exactly the same point. Do the moaners want the Captain subbed and then sacked when we lose the to$$ cos it means we can't score straight from the kick-off?
  9. Are you new here??? Have a good read, Wednesday's misfortune is the one thing that gets them going! Yes, it is very odd!
  10. The table doesn't lie; Fulham are way better than us...... er, oh hang on, we're still 6th, they're not!
  11. Tough on the moaners that one; ruined their weekend, and a long wait for the next chance to boo cos of the international break!
  12. It does change Fulham's though! Wednesday aren't the only team in the league, just as we aren't the only team trying to play in each of our games.
  13. Jeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Oh c'mon; you don't count the good stuff, just the negative. Thought you'd been around long enough to know by now! Honestly, some people!