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  1. Unlike Yoonited who are at least 6 years behind us!
  2. So you wouldn't stir things up on here if you were a Blunt but you do whilst claiming to be an Owl? Bizarre!
  3. Yes, and you'd come on here stirring it up wouldn't you.
  4. That would have been fine, but the sarcy OP was unreasonable as has been explained many times already and made you sound like a WUM/Blunt; hence the tone of many of the responses. I'm surprised that you are surprised by the backlash.
  5. 'Unreasonable' is slagging off your club because you misinterpret an 'aim' as meaning a cast iron guarantee. What club wouldn't want to get their squad sorted out as early as possible? When asked about it what else would you expect a club rep to say? It's a total non-story; deals will get done if and when they get done. Deals can take time to negotiate and the players available for sale or purchase will change throughout the window - every player has their price. Player transfers aren't simple transactions like deciding to go into a sweet shop to buy a Mars bar; well, not unless you believe in Pigonomics!
  6. Unreasonably slag off the club that you claim to support. Tool
  7. Is that "billyblack" or "billyblunt"?
  8. Blimey; now who's getting serious?
  9. Must be a blunt! PS Why are you posting on Owlstalk about Worksop's new home kit?
  10. Here's a better one for you Ali G: What's the difference between Sheff Yoonited and a bucket of turd? The bucket! Now crawl back to Bluntsmad you idiot!
  11. We really do have some unbelievably negative 'supporters'. Can't help thinking they'd be better suited following a team like Celtic who are pretty much guaranteed to win the League and at least one Cup every season - but god help 'em if they should ever dare to draw or actually lose a game: total meltdown!
  12. Yep; definitely a case of 'History repeating'!
  13. I've got so fed up of nuisance calls from DC asking for advice on how to spend his millions, and from CC wanting guidance on team selections and formations that I've blocked their numbers. Mind you I'm still giving my top tips to McSue and Sissy Wilderbeast; well you've got to have a laugh haven't you!
  14. Why don't we just ban players from picking up injuries in training and friendlies, and insist that any injuries carried over from the previous season no longer count?
  15. If you want me to go on arguing, you'll have to pay for another five minutes.