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  1. So we don't need a Plan B anymore?
  2. I predict that we will not win every game at a canter cos, and I know this will come a shock to some on here, the opposites will actually be trying to win those games too; yes, it's disgraceful behaviour from them but the EFL refuse to stamp it out! However, we have the set-up to reach the top six (again), and with continuing improvements there's a chance (not a right) that we will achieve automatic promotion. Please don't any more join the ranks of those claiming WAWAW but each with their own proviso such as we must be in the top two all season, we must play amazing football at all times, this or that player must never be selected again, etc...
  3. Just cos. OK, here's why: I reckon DC and CC both actually realise that in order for us to reach the POs again, or get automatic, it will take more than CC re-signing; I bet they have a cunning plan to win matches too - you know like they have for their previous two seasons in charge!
  4. Great news if true. There are are no guarantees in football; anyone disheartened at finishing 4th in the Championship and losing out in the Play Offs needs to seriously consider a) our club's record over the last 20-30 years and b) the difficulty so many other clubs have had in their quest to gain promotion to the Premier League. Evolution not revolution is required now for SWFC. DC and CC are already a proven team at reaching the Play Offs; that's a good head start over many possible contenders. Just a few tweaks to the squad and tactics, a few less injuries and a bit of luck; and we might well do it! Keep the faith. UTO
  5. Moose, moose! (As we used to say in the '70s!)
  6. Rumours; don't you just love 'em? Don't bother getting vexed or excited until something's actually announced.
  7. Well, it's over an hour now and still no decision; disgraceful! We are doomed. RIP Wednesday; it was fun while it lasted.
  8. Well this poll is going about as well as the first one!
  9. Yeah but they didn't show that on Sky so it doesn't count as real 'preparation'!
  10. Apparently Wagner knew that we would score an OG and that we would miss two penalties, his dossier said so. He also correctly predicts the lottery numbers ahead of every draw but he can't be bothered to buy a ticket!
  11. How do you know 'Wagner prepared better than CC'? Don't just say because they won as we've already established that isn't proof of preparation.
  12. You admit that you have not a shred of evidence for your assertion that they were better prepared than us; but your case remains that they won so they must have prepared better! I'll ask again then: how do you explain a team winning one game and not winning the next? Do they only prepare for some games and can't be bothered for others? Your argument suggests that the management team that has the best preparation method will win every game they play regardless of all other factors. Ah, of course that's why Huddersfield are unbeaten in 6,453 matches and counting!
  13. Option 3: 3 more wishes please Genie!
  14. Exactly! "Oh ffs 6-0 again! Why can't we ever score 7? Sack the Manager, sack the Players, sack the Board, smash the lot up!"
  15. How does this fit with your argument elsewhere that we weren't as 'prepared' as Huddersfield were? Shouldn't FF have known which way their Keeper believed he would hit the pen and therefore put it in the opposite corner? Or was it a double-bluff? Or a double-double-bluff?