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  1. 'Fell for it' because 52% of the country are incapable of making a decision for themselves, are thick ill-educated racist bigots who all voted to leave the EU because Farage told us to.
  2. I genuinely forgot we weren't in it. Someone asked us round for a BBQ on Monday and I said couldn't go because we were going to football. Took me a minute to actually realise.
  3. For me the issue is in recruitment, whoever is in charge of that. We've ultimately spent £25 million on squad players. The starting 11 tonight was basically identical to last seasons except Fletcher in for Hooper. We looked at last season and knew we need to strengthen but no sign of Abdi, Jones, Reach, Winnall or Rhodes in starting 11. That amount spent on 5 players should have been enough to push us closer after last years effort but it was never spent in the right places or seemingly with any thought to building a "team" We've got so many central midfielders that we insist on playing 3 of them in a 4-4-2 because We don't have any quality wide players. In the game today, full backs are arguably the most important players on the pitch yet we did nothing about ours close season and Pudil was found out again today. I'm not here to jump on the "I told you so' bandwagon, this is an incredibly hard league to get out of but the scattergun approach to recruitment doesn't work (a la Derby).
  4. Squad size pretty much irrelevant at this point. If, and it's a big if, we can get past Huddersfield, Reading are a good team and they only have 1 game left this season so barring any freak accidents in the next week and a half, a lack of depth in the squad will be no hinderence to them.
  5. Because he's a Black Ops sniper, that's how they all talk innit.
  6. I blame Brexit.
  7. The referee's what?
  8. I'm not a doom monger but to go against the tide here, I don't think distribution is the best part of Westwood's game. Personally, I think his distribution is relatively poor, sure every now and then it comes off but it's the one area of game where he is some way behind the very best.
  9. Love this bet. Anyone who takes it will never have to pay it. January 2055 "Have you got that tenner from that bet mate, Bannan never scored" "There's time yet mate, he's only 70 and according to Daily Mail he's just about to sign for Leeds"
  10. 2 hours for the match and an hour to get out of the car park.
  11. I don't think it would surprise many people if he did.
  12. Thought Gary Rowett was very complimentary about us in build up. Nice to have someone talking in the build up who actually has a clue what they are talking about.
  13. Is it not time to lock this thread? It's very boring. I can just imagine the OP sitting on his own in a dark room having a right old chuckle to himself about how smart he is.
  14. It all depends what you want from your football. Someone likened it to Mourinho earlier in the thread and that is exactly the point. Mourinho approaches games with only one thing in mind which is the result, everything else is irrelevant. This has been Carlos' approach all season, results at all costs. Personally, I think we are good enough to have gone there and actually played them today but with that always comes the risk of coming out of it a couple of goals behind so in games like this you really do have to look at the shoreline and ignore everything else.