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  1. Could be a while. Better make it CLI.
  2. Maybe you could rename the thread 'confusing' or 'what the roger does that all mean' or 'lies, damn lies'.
  3. At least some of the 'brain dead majority' on here will have a basic understanding of how to use commas, full stops, apostrophes, quotation marks and capital letters. I will fix this for you so people don't mistake you as a member of 'the brain dead majority'. The new kit looked really good at worksop tonight! It looked similar to last season's kit which is probably why last year's kit was still in the shop when I went in this morning. No doubt the bumhole licking Owlstalk members who have at least 1 positive tick in the green box will say otherwise. I'm looking forward to hitting 2000 neg ticks with all the usual 'you must be a blunt cos you don't follow the blue and white sheep who reside on here'. What a pathetic way to run a Wednesday forum, no doubt we will see what arrives from the brain-dead majority on Owlstalk.
  4. I am interested in the position of full-time translator for you. By way of application, I have translated your post into English. I made a sensible comment about our pre-season fixtures (the lack of them) and not having any idea of when the shirts are due out but that doesn't make me a pig. This forum is for comments good or bad and we don't all agree. If the kits that are on here are true then they are a big improvement over last season but we really do need a game around the 29th of July. The club needs to be asked about this.
  5. No way I'm doing that... unless its a double dare.
  6. Aren't Nicola Sturgeon and Wee Jimmy Crankie the same person?
  7. Dont be a bell end mate. Maybe an argument can be made that Liverpool fans had some responsibility but to simply state they were to blame perpetuates the 25+ years of lies that families have had to deal with. Criminal charges have been brought so this is not a subject for discussion but I haven't seen any Liverpool fans charged with manslaughter.
  8. Well maybe we should stick it in the "conversation/debate but nowt to do wi' Wednesday section". Or maybe be should give the absolute gentleman that is John Terry a section of his own on OT so we all celebrate his services to man. Or maybe we can just agree that the man is an absolute tail and we should move on.
  9. 'Fell for it' because 52% of the country are incapable of making a decision for themselves, are thick ill-educated racist bigots who all voted to leave the EU because Farage told us to.
  10. I genuinely forgot we weren't in it. Someone asked us round for a BBQ on Monday and I said couldn't go because we were going to football. Took me a minute to actually realise.
  11. For me the issue is in recruitment, whoever is in charge of that. We've ultimately spent £25 million on squad players. The starting 11 tonight was basically identical to last seasons except Fletcher in for Hooper. We looked at last season and knew we need to strengthen but no sign of Abdi, Jones, Reach, Winnall or Rhodes in starting 11. That amount spent on 5 players should have been enough to push us closer after last years effort but it was never spent in the right places or seemingly with any thought to building a "team" We've got so many central midfielders that we insist on playing 3 of them in a 4-4-2 because We don't have any quality wide players. In the game today, full backs are arguably the most important players on the pitch yet we did nothing about ours close season and Pudil was found out again today. I'm not here to jump on the "I told you so' bandwagon, this is an incredibly hard league to get out of but the scattergun approach to recruitment doesn't work (a la Derby).
  12. Squad size pretty much irrelevant at this point. If, and it's a big if, we can get past Huddersfield, Reading are a good team and they only have 1 game left this season so barring any freak accidents in the next week and a half, a lack of depth in the squad will be no hinderence to them.
  13. Because he's a Black Ops sniper, that's how they all talk innit.
  14. I blame Brexit.
  15. The referee's what?