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  1. Would love to see McManaman make an appearance when we're still in a game He's only come on, when we're losing to Brentford, Leeds & Reading or when everything was cut & dry vs Norwich
  2. Suppose If they're sought after...then it's a different story. McCormack had takers after the Steve Bruce fall out. Villa are able to have a quick turn around of players. I believe McGugan is on 16/17k per week. Would be nice to see some value out of him this season. Just for comparison though, Reach is on 30k, Fletcher 31k, Hooper 30k+, Forestieri & Rhodes could be north of 50k a week each. Guessing Jones, Hutchinson, Bannan & Lee are between 20k to 30k a week. So McGugans 16k is comparitivly low, I wonder if he's been offered bonuses for any contribution made between now & the seasons end.
  3. I think, if we've resorted to playing a traditional 4-4-2 midfielder like David Jones, then why not try Lewis McGugan. Hutchinson is useful in a number of positions. Imagine Hutchinsons work rate & tenacity, next to McGugans forward passing and eye for goal. Bannan could play out wide, Adam Reach used as a sub, with his direct poweful running.
  4. Said a few times, top top managers don't burn bridges with their players. Well done CC, if he has had a meeting with Lewis.
  5. Alot of legends mentioned in this thread & rightly so, but I'd like to mention Michail Antonio. Everytime he wore blue & white, I felt we was unstoppable with his pace & power. Always had a chance in every game he played. Signed for 800k. Current value 12-15m
  6. April 2nd, be a right match for 4th place, Champions league spot
  7. Flavoured sugar crystals with a lollipop
  8. These will be gone within 2-3 minutes. What a week, Barnsley (A) Arsenal vs. Man City (Sunday 4pm) Rotherham (A) Newcastle (H)
  9. Wallace over Buckley Maybe McManaman can get a start for the U23's
  10. Ahh get it. Sherbet Dip, always threw the liquorice stick away.
  11. How? OP is on about style of play. Style of play is determined by what players are available??
  12. Getting boring... How are we going to play the same style without the same players? No Lopez, No Lee, No Hooper... For long spells without Lees, Hutchinson, Abdi, Matias, Joao wasn't bothered, Forestieri had a dip. McManaman can't get a start. Basically onto Plan C, with A being high energy, B being a diamond, C being traditional 4-4-2
  13. Cellino got it right. Football fans are never happy. We get a glimmer of hope from the Chansiri family and suddenly we expect success. The tools are already in the tool box, we have a bright future when you think next season we could witness Westwood, Fox, Lees, Hutchinson, Lee, Bannan, Reach, Forestieri, Hooper and Rhodes the same team. Maybe we'll see the true worth of Matias, Abdi, Joao and McManaman, if he stays. The future is very bright, especially if recruitment is spot on in the summer. Disgusting for anyone to message Att.
  14. Can I be Urby?, pay me 30k and I'll post videos on Instagram to remind everyone I used to play football.
  15. I think it's the bridges he's burned with Lewis McGugan. We put Adam Reach in CM today.