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  1. Thoughts... In Season 1 - Everything clicked, Carlos stamped his mark on the team, It worked. Finished 6th. In Season 2 - We set up different, didn't seem like it clicked. Felt like CC was winging it. However, credit where due, finished 4th. I'd love to see the best of Almen Abdi, Marco Matias, Gary Hooper, Jordan Rhodes, Fernando Forestieri and even Lucas Joao. But I reckon we'll see quite a few changes. That will allow Carlos to once again stamp his mark on the team. Lets expand our scouting network - Look for the next Knockaert - Loan the next Mooy etc...If Nuhiu & Joao was to go, Let's get Tammy Abraham etc...but I know it's all easier said then done.
  2. I started to think this year CC's motto was "fake it, till you make it" As he went so far away from tactics used last year. But I suppose his tactics are only as good as the players at his disposal. I'm unsure what to expect in the coming months.
  3. Not for me, We've paid 8 to 10m for Rhodes intelligence and calm head in front of goal. Playing him alongside Winnall turns Rhodes into a target man. Might aswell start the player that will win his headers Nuhiu.
  4. If it's us and Reading, it's very beneficial for us having Kieran Lee in the team, to chase John Swift However good David Jones is, he's not the quickest and Bannan's not the best at defending Swift vs Lee - What a battle (I know, nothing to do with op)
  5. Does the speed of your Internet give you an advantage? If your on a 200mb fibre connection vs. someone on their phone on McDonalds wifi?
  6. I have 2 Client ID's, it came about in a conversation with ticket office staff, they said they would "look into it" On my old account, I've gone from 300 TPP, down to 20 TPP, so they looked into in alright and stole 280 points, they haven't been added to my current season ticket either.
  7. I logged in and out several times, did take about 15 mins to clear the issue. You don't get kicked to the back of the queue, which is what I expected to be honest.
  8. Timer ran out for me, when selecting 3 in a row, Kicked me out and now I have to try again.
  9. Will be quite afew missing out unfortunately, but it's quite a fair system, how priority is staggered. Good luck to everyone.
  10. £50 for membership, wasn't happy paying that for family members at the time (mainly due to the jump from £30) now I'd gladly pay it, so family can enjoy the same days we had last May. But unfortunately, Membership for current season is off sale. I imagine, quite afew people in the same situation. And I agree, it is unfair for people to jump the queue by throwing abit of extra cash at it, this late on in the season. Lesson Learnt, Trust in Chansiri...
  11. It's great to have him as an option, if he his available. Even to sit on the bench and push Wallace to his absolute maximum, is a big contribution in it's self
  12. I mean Phil Jones, the Manchester United CB with 20 England caps, part of a top end Premier League squad. Plays for the current FA Cup holders Unsure which Phil Jones your laughing at?!?
  13. I don't claim to, just watched them probably about 6/7 times this year and Roberts is a stand out player. Must be a good club for players to progress though, they've had some talent come and go recently
  14. Bench needs to be stronger than what's on the pitch, so they can alter a game.. Rhodes, Forestieri, Hutchinson, McManaman, Nuhiu, Palmer, Wildsmith.... is probably the best bench in The Championship. Whoever is fittest between Lee and Jones starts, both underrated
  15. True mate, might be our biggest area of concern, if we jump to the next level. Sunderland would have loved Steven Fletcher or Jordan Rhodes in their current situation. Completely unwilling to take the gamble, would rather spend 10m on some untested winger with a fancy name