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  1. Carlos haters

    Hate is such a strong word and in this case misused.
  2. Too much testicles

    You haven't got the balls to really say what you mean.
  3. Proper fan that bloke.
  4. This. Or the inevitable question is raised, 'what's your agenda.'
  5. Big Sam

    There's some saddo' on this thread. Just because a fan questions the team, manager, players etc there are shouts of 'agenda,' like it's some sort of Kennedy conspiracy. FFS, footie fans are fickle and that's what they do. This nonsense of 'agenda' is real stupidity.
  6. Pigs talk

    FFS, concentrate on being Wednesday fans. Let Unitedites worry about their own club.
  7. We're going nowhere fast

    A game screaming out for FF to open up the opposition.
  8. iFollow

    Have you actually switched on your VPN on your Opera?
  9. More strikers than a 1970's picket line and f**k all defenders. Clueless
  10. iFollow

    Castle Market
  11. iFollow

    I think its on Talk Sport 2
  12. Great manger being over looked.

    So is this talk of a new manager.
  13. The Star - causing problems?

    We're talking about the Star here, right?