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  1. Absolute waste of a loan. Never given a chance. Big Dave given priority in play off
  2. some people on here!
  3. Unbelievable. If top scorer is a least done nothing I'm flabbergasted.
  4. So much hatred.
  5. Fair play to DC. Proves he's not one of those trigger happy glory chasing owners and is here for the long haul.
  6. He cost a lot of money Davey. I'm glad it didn't come out of my pocket. I bet you're glad it didn't come out of your pocket.
  7. Trump's mate in the White house
  8. voice recognition has a cold today.
  9. Why do people have a go at FF? It's quite obvious this season that he has not been at its best because he's not been played in the strongest position, which is just behind the front line and in front of midfield. FF is a delicious sight when he picks up the ball and stretchs those defenders to create space. How many times last season Diddy Paul apart and opposition only for our place to write that space and score such as Kieron Lee did on a number of occasions.
  10. Oh, and our man of the match for me was Bannon by a fair distance.
  11. Having slept on that defeat overnight, still obviously feeling gutted. We have to concede that the better team won over two legs. Apart from the occasional 10 minutes of Wednesday dominance, either our tactics were wrong or Huddersfield's tactics were superior. In my opinion it was our tactics that were badly lacking. Our defence was solid. Our midfield was lacking therefor inviting Huddersfield to come and attack at our ground, and FF was played totally in the wrong place. FF should of played in in front of the midfield picking up the ball rather than hoping for Fletcher and rhoad's knock downs. I don't believe rhoads is knock downs are part of his game. With the strikeforce we have this year, I think our side would've steamrolled Huddersfield if they are clearly at last years tactics. Sometimes, fortune favours the brave. Good luck Huddersfield in the final you deserve to be there. Wagner, well done with the resources at your disposal.
  12. How much did Huddersfield spend on their squad and wages. Wagner was the master tonight. Good luck to him in the final. They deserve it. Gutted for us, though.
  13. Great at the back. No steel in midfield. Completely sterile up front.
  14. Shame our great run come to an end, though.