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  1. The press aren't against us. Just heard a Fulham fan and A radio 5 presenter say they fancies us to do it. What we do have are needy fans that raise our sense of self importance against people who just don't give a Shîte about us.
  2. Can you imagine how we'd be feeling if we went back to the old system of no pjay offs and top 3 go up. Also, I wonder what the table would look like if we had 2points for a win. Someone on here will know.
  3. To Leeds fans. Its the the hope that kills ya
  4. Wonderful tussle at the bottom. Could be forest.
  5. What a great picture and more importantly, what a great kit. Would love use to play in that.
  6. £25 million is a lot of money for a club in the Championship, though. He is surely under some pressure. Do you guys not think so?
  7. Of course we have different views but some people do target the posters as opposed to targeting the post. Playing the true fan card leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.
  8. WAWAW is just a myth.
  9. Far too young to be taken. RIP.
  10. One of our worst traits as Wednesday fans is to either play the victim card or go out of our way to look for perceived insults.
  11. So sad. Another nail in the coffin of the game that used to belong to the people.
  12. What lovely thread.
  13. By the sound of it, boxes are also not for the Sheffield Corperates either. £40,000. Wow.