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  1. I think there is a long standing contract with sky and channel 5 that seems official streaming is not available. When that hat contest ends, who knows where it will go? Highest bidder and all that.
  2. And neither of them can hit a barn door at the moment.
  3. You're not going to give in, are you?
  4. Says a bloke calling a 14 year old a nobsack. C'mon BRS, admits that you didn't read it and you're just trying to dig yourself out.
  5. The above is the interaction that causing all this outrage. It's a couple of kids. What I do find immature is an adult so outraged that he call a child a nobsack. BTW, I'm not involved, unbelievable
  6. Do you feel it's OK to call a 14 year old child an anti Carlos nobsack? Because as far as I'm aware that poster whom made them comments is a 14 year old child. I'm not sure of your age, but if you're a 14 year old then I suppose it's OK and part of growing up.
  7. I'll ask again, where are those comments that you imply? If you can't find them or haven't seen them just say so.
  8. Where in those comments is a child being harassed? If you find something then please post.
  9. Did that happen?
  10. Are you another one that hasn't read the offending comments?
  11. It's unbelievable and a prime example of what's banded about nowadays as fake news. I convinced that if Donald Trump was our chairman, half the fan base would believe him and the other half would gladly be piśsed by a Russian prostitute.
  12. Don't take it serious. It's only banter. We we all get a bit of grief. That's the cyber world we now live in.
  13. I cant believe that the OP wrote such an eloquent post on behalf of all of us for the above for the above. One poster suggested that it's forwarded on to the club one poster felt I made myself look a tw@t one poster not from Sheffield felt that these very offensive posts on YouTube are not from Sheffield because Sheffield fans don't behave that way one poster felt that that on the back of the abuse is the reason why he hates humanity Please Spence, tell me you never read the abuse.
  14. Is that it? I can't believe some of vitriol posted on these threads for that. All this grovelling does is separates and divides us. What an utter joke
  15. Have you actually read the offending comments? I guess where talking about the comments on DC's son. If so, could post them on here as I'm intrigued?