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  1. Anybody that thinks Radio Sheffield are bias are one of life's victims.
  2. Your figures are a season out
  3. Incredibly sad. RIP
  5. Whats our average away support?
  6. After going five unbeaten in the league I think it's fair to say we all expected a continuation of our excellent recent form today. Unfortunately that proved not to be the case as we were beaten by a premier league team in a competition that is by far a lesser priority. Whilst we can no longer claim to be unbeaten, we can still profess five unbeaten games in our most important priority. Here's to another five games like the last five! What an incredible contrast to the last 16 years, by far the best time to be a wednesdayite in nearly two decades.
  7. The whole West holds about 7950 I believe. Utterly insane they'll be less than 2000 fans their and it's "sold out"
  8. Don't hate but heard a good song on radio earlier and think it would be a really good idea for a song. The song is Let is Go.. I think from a drama series called frozen . It goes like this Semedo Semedo He's one with the wind and sky Semedo Semedo He nearly made me cry.... There he stands Preventing goals Let the attack rain on.... He probably won't play anyway.. Hope we can get this going at Fulham friends !
  9. Because there's clearly at least three better teams than us in our division. Want, hope, wish - fine. But expect? Or suggest we sack our manager because he doesn't over achieve.. it's illogical
  10. It's easy to come to these conclusions after a defeat. But realistically even if we don't go up this season Carlos is not a failure. Our problem is we are expecting too much now we finally have a good team and a bit of money.
  11. I was inclined to say stop being tight to the OP and pay for parking. But it's much worse getting out the car parks (owlerton/ wednesdayite) and can add 30 minutes to your day simply queuing to leave. So I recognise why people get where they can, more so to get away after the game than prevent paying. Not sure what the solution is, but it's certainly not a new ground (genuinely laughed at that suggestion), like chopping your foot off to cure a blister.
  12. Let's be honest mate every negative point you've made could easily be justified as a positive.