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  1. FF to Brighton

    Fernando Forestieri has a bust-up with Sam Winnall on the training pitch, no bugger has a clue what it was about or even who started it and everyone wants to flog off our best player by miles what is up with us all???. Players have bust-ups and fights all the time away from the pitch for god's sake. Keep him, we need him.
  2. Blessing in disguise

    You think Carlos can put it all right by spending money in what's left of the transfer window, money that we probably can't spend anyway because of spending restriction rules it ain't about to happen mate he's got to go he's failed us.
  3. Just got back...!

    Yes he should have gone after the 2nd leg of the play-off semi but like you say the happy clappers will probably make sure he's still there while it's too late for any hope of success this season it's always the case with them, how long did it take to get Dave Jones out even though it was clear he'd lost the plot ages back?. Heard a caller on Football Heaven last week say we have to keep him because "we have no choice", thick g!t ... we have the dough to go for anyone, some may not want to come but many will jump at the chance given our owner and the money he's prepared to spend, our fantastic fan base and rich history. I don't care how nice Carlos is, he's failing and everyone can see it why keep him?.

    Home kit = love it! Away kit = could do better
  5. Who would you sell?

    Off the top of my head this .... First out the manager. Then... Nuhiu, Jones and Fletcher. [and then we see how it goes for the first dozen games] I want to Matias, McGugan and Winnall given a proper run in the team I think they can surprise everyone.
  6. Carlos out by Christmas?

    He should have gone when last season ended, it's ok saying he took us to sixth and fourth, he failed to win us anything and he's had more money than any other manager in our history. The manager pays the price, it's how it works. No promotion while ever he remains and that's how THAT works. But the happy clappers will make sure he stays until this season is f##ked up it's always the way with Wednesday.
  7. Concur fully with every word.
  8. Having slept on it

    Bring in the right guy and NO we don't start all over again we have the nucleus to be a side next season that can win automatic promotion but we need a manager that's a proven winner to attain it. Carlos was given a task of getting us promoted by the end of this season unfortunately he has failed and with millions spent. [more money than any other Wednesday manager in the history of the club] The new man will need to unload a good number of players with much strengthening done in all areas to improve the squad to make us good enough for the Premier League. With the current squad we have and Carlos in charge next season how do you reckon we would have honestly fared next season in the Premier League?.
  9. Derek Dooley on Christmas Eve 1973. [unforgivable treatment to a great man] Wasn't too pleased at the time when Gary Megson got the chop either.
  10. Mcgugan

    Obviously I'm speaking as someone who doesn't know if something has gone on at the club behind the scenes with him but all I know is I remember him a great little player who we were all so happy to sign at the time and he never once let us down on the pitch. I have a lot of sympathy for his situation whatever has happened.
  11. "Don't think Chelsea, think more Liverpool" Ched Evans.
  12. Hey you're right about my avatar I'm going to change it thanks for highlighting. EDIT: Might wait while the official kit change though.
  13. If the new shirt is something like this I will be buying it because I love it. Don't understand the love-in with blue and white shirts and black shorts meself.
  14. New home shirt

    Personally I'd love these strips and like someone has said I don't understand the obsession with vertical stripes, when worn this kit would look really good in my view I really hope it happens.
  15. Rival watch