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  1. Reading the above comments underlines to me how good our squad is - the best I have known in my lifetime. Westwood, Lees, Loovens, Lee, Abdi, Bannan, Hutchinson, Hooper, Rhodes, Fernando - 10 players (I may have missed some...) all got honourable mentions. Depth, quality, ruthlessness. 5 were new under Carlos/Chansiri; 5 from before, in the Gray/Mandaric/Jones era. We have a whole host of others who have real qualities to bring to bear as well - Reach, Hunt, Pudil, Winnall, Fletcher, Wallace, Boyd for example. Combined with that, I believe Carlos has what it takes - some don't, I appreciate that but for me he's just what we need. I think he's hungry, determined, steely, calculating, and has a great rapport with the players, staff and majority of fans. Chansiri seems to have given him pretty much everything he has asked for; I think more reassurances were given to Carlos this year, re money to spend and type of players we'd be looking to bring in. We have to bring in a quality centre half - Carlos has admitted as much. Do that and we will have great options all over the pitch. We have to do it this year. A blinding start would be ideal. Put the Carlos tactics stuff to bed, build some real confidence and belief in the whole fan base, then take it from there averaging 2-2.1pts per game. Party time. Cannot wait for it all to kick off - only two and a half weeks away!!
  2. Met Hirst on Fargate outside the then Virgin shop. Signed my shirt - Mum managed to wash it off the next day by accident... Met Di Canio at a restaurant (Rossi's off London Road) when I was 11 at a family birthday party. Still got his signature somewhere at home. Don't remember it much but seemed a lovely bloke. Loved that restaurant mainly because of the Baggio shirt they had in the corner! Actually physically ran into Clinton Morrison outside Brentford ground whilst trying to get into the ground. He laughed it off and gave us a cheeky grin ;)
  3. I also hope half our squad is injured all year, including our best players, so Carlos does't have to think about who he has to pick. That is clearly the best way for us to be promoted.
  4. Great work Joel
  5. richard?!!
  6. well done richard carr.
  7. Had three in the last 90 mins. All explosive. Hopefully an an omen that we'll score three screamers tomorrow afternoon!
  8. Keogh makes sasso look like Luiz
  9. I reckon if we get three wins at home and pick up a draw in one of the two away games that would probably be enough. Who flipping knows though eh?!
  10. We were the better team today. Ref un-workable us in the ass with at least 4 crucial decisions.
  11. he did indeed. My missus nearly kicked the laptop out the window in disgust.
  12. anyone who isnt at the game is lying if they are saying how well we are/aren't playing.
  13. anyone; what channel on modbro for the stream???