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  1. With a whole summer of transfer activity to come, I can see how you've come to that conclusion.
  2. 100% agree. Used to love that after the Vangelis build up. Used to get me well up for the game against the likes of Colchester and Exeter.
  3. Someone on here will know.
  4. No I didn't. I just don't recall us not winning it.
  5. Done this one last season. All players happy to stand and chat with fans about Wembley and their experience etc. Fairly boring game, but some decent footy scran, couple of jars, and a Bannan screamer to win it.
  6. I know it's very early, what with about two and a half odd months until the beginning of the 2017 / 18 campaign, but do you reckon we'll get first game of the season? I've got a feeling we'll get a repeat of last season's Play Off Final, ending up with Hull. I also reckon we'll be waiting some time for the derbies next season, playing Blades in December and April.
  7. I like our style at the moment. The build up play can be very attractive to watch at times. The way we keep the ball is something many teams can only wish to see. My main gripe is with our lack of killer instinct. We have players that can score from any position. We have the likes of Fletcher, Rhodes and Hooper that are natural finishers, but we also have the likes of Bannan and Wallace that can score from range when the ball doesn't get that far forward. Despite this, we rarely scored more than twice a game this season. To me, this is where we need to improve. Not by recruitment, but through training and mentality.
  8. Problem with that model is you become very predictable, and easy to play against.
  9. Difficult to tell, as he's not been given the chance to pair with anyone. I love Bannan, and think he works his testicles off, and gets some undue stick from the fans, but he's had points where he's been out of form. I'd be putting Hutch at the back anyway, so Abdi and Lee in the centre, should he be able to knock Bannan out of position.
  10. They're the only two clubs that really continuously act the way they do and get so much potection for it. I have no idea why the FA continue to ptotect these clubs' fans. They really are giving the impresion that what they are doing is fine.
  11. Yep, that'll work!
  12. What about when Hutch is inneviatbly banned or injured? Or when Bannan is is injured or not on form? Abdi's chance to shine.
  13. 100% Pretty sure we got fined, and had capacity reduced because of Palace at home. What happens when Millwall regularly ruin people's match experience? Get awarded 'Family Club Of The Year'. It's almost like they're trying to convince the world that they're innocent and misunderstood. They're not. Usually if something happens it's because there's either high tension due to the occassion, or because the fans are getting pent up due to being treat like bobbar. That's not the case with Millwall. They think it's still the 70s, and they can go anywhere and act the idiot.
  14. How do we end up with such a 5hit3 discussion?! Are you taking the p1ss?
  15. Agree with this, but he joined many of his former team mates, so the bedding in would have been much easier for him here than at many other clubs.