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  1. I pove hearing Pearson go mad. Even better watching it. This should be a permanent thing.
  2. Not if SAG have any say in it.
  3. One easy and proven way of waking the crowd up and getting the atmosphere going..... Bring Semedo on.
  4. I'm sure I'll get several smart arsed comments, as per Owlstalk tradition.
  5. Did we get the lower tier then?
  6. He probably saw the map all Blades fans have access to, which hasn't been altered in any way, shape or form.
  7. Not sure, as horses have never interested me. My local does have the occassional bar maid who's face I'd consider mucking on, though.
  8. Because I'm feeling neggy.
  9. What would be the point of having an AWAY kit, if we didn't wear it when we played AWAY?!
  10. I really wish I hadn't read six pages of this bobbar.
  11. Can tell it's a big game for them, then, as they've not brought that collectively over their past ten visits to Hillsborough.
  12. My dad left when I was four.
  13. 100% yes! I can't wait for football - less Saturdays in favour of a mid day Kick Off on Sunday away at Stoke. Or a football - less weekend due to an away fixture with Swansea being picked for 'Mental Monday', or whatever incredible name Sky have dubbed it.
  14. More entries in the charts than any artist in history, yet he's still no one?!