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  1. I've just booked a hotel in London for the night before and the night of the final. I can cancel it though, just in case.
  2. We really don't want to have to beat Fulham on the last day. They're on fire.
  3. It would knock us out of the play offs on GD
  4. Graham Kavanagh in his 2nd spell was absolutely pap. I thought he was really good in his first, but the second was dreadful. For some reason we let him take every free kick and corner in that second spell. Only once did I see him beat the first man, and it went straight out for a throw in.
  5. Depends how early you get there but when I was living near Mexborough (thankfully that nightmare is over and I'm back in S6) and had to drive to the match, I always parked on Marlcliffe or Vainor. You need to be there an hour before kick off or be prepared to walk though.
  6. We ride together, we die together. Bad boys for life. Bad Boys II
  7. ...according to a supercomputer. Newcastle will win the league, Brighton 2nd, Leeds 3rd. We have the same chance of winning the play offs as Leeds. http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38663851?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_sport&ns_source=facebook&ns_linkname=sport
  8. Will there be a podcast on iTunes? The last episode I can see there is 114- Howay The Lads
  9. After leaving the extended family at 7, I went home and watched at with just a cup of tea and the dogs.
  10. I was in the home end when we got smashed 7-0 at Man City in the cup a couple of years ago. That was pretty rubbish. My favourite story about away fans in the home end doesn't involve me though. A couple of my mates had season tickets at Old Trafford. They were playing Arsenal a few years back when Arsenal scored. This bloke a couple of rows in front of my mates jumped up and cheered, before realising what he'd done and sat back down, quietly. Nothing else happened for about 10 minutes, until another Man Utd fan tapped the Arsenal fan on the shoulder, leant over and said calmly "I'm going to cut you". Apparently the Arsenal fan got up and left pretty quickly after that.
  11. They were part of our £20,000,000 defence.
  12. This is easy to solve. Change the rules so that the clock stops when the ball is not in play. This would also get rid of "time added on", and remove all the moaning around late goals. Games would take a lot longer, but given the price of football at the moment, particularly at Hillsborough, it would be nice to actually pay for and see 90 minutes of football (not withstanding the poor quality of yesterday's game).
  13. Whilst ticket prices are excessive, I think complaints about them would be far fewer if fans were entertained for their money. Yesterday's game was dreadful. We might have won but sitting through that for 90 minutes (less the 5 minutes at the start when I couldn't get through the turnstile) was hard work.
  14. Also one of the commentators, Mike "Stevo" Stephenson, is a massive idiot. Particularly when a decision goes to the video referee and he says "That's T-R-Y time". Every time I hear him spell out the word try, I want to smash the TV.