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  1. Fulham had fergie time

    Why not just stop the clock when play stops, then the match will actually finish on 90:00? Problems/controversies ended overnight.
  2. North Stand Concourses

    There are so many breweries at Kelham Island and further around Sheffield that could supply the club too. Even the Wisewood Inn at Loxley is in the process of building their own brewery downstairs, with the first ales expected to be ready by October.
  3. North Stand Concourses

    I'm very disappointed that the real ale has gone. The pale ale was nothing special but the bitter was cracking. We left the Barrack Tavern early on Saturday to have a pint in the ground (which we did regularly last season once they started selling the real ale). Instead we ended up with a bottle of warm Heineken for £4 each. Last night we didnt bother wasting our time and stayed in the Barrack Tavern until the last possible minute.
  4. Female Lino

    I was on the North; I said to my mate as we kicked off that the sexist chants would appear as soon as there was a questionable decision and sadly it didn't take long. It was particularly offensive when a bloke near me encouraged his little lad to join in.
  5. Fan loyalty reward

    Like it or not, there's no need for the club to reward ST holders. In in the real world, companies have to offer incentives, or customers will take their business elsewhere. But who's going to go and buy a season ticket at Bramall Lane rather than Hillsborough, even though this season it will be to watch the same 23 opponents?
  6. leppings lane

    Everyone knows the Lepp is bobbar. No one really cares though as it's only used by home fans for the odd really big game we have. Sorting the team is more important than the away end.
  7. Poll: Should Carlos Stay?

    Some of the "football" this season has been utterly dreadful- Rotherham at home still makes me cringe, particularly when we're paying £40 a ticket. But, we've managed two successive play off finishes and finished higher up the league this season. I think he'll stay but if we're not doing very well by October, Chansiri will make a change.
  8. Tactics!

    I am happy enough with the result and didn't expect us to do much more than we did. But I was concerned about how easily we gave the ball away, our passing was terrible at times and a better team would have taken advantage of it.

    I went there for the first time after we played Norwich. They had run out of draught beer. I left and it's unlikely that I'll be returning.

    You must do everything you can to go in the Nags- it's the Bradfield Brewery tap, so the beers are outstanding, cheap, and their pies are second to none.

    To be fair, my most recent experience was just walking past on a Saturday night. There were disco lights, lasers and bobbar music. That was enough for me. I haven't been in the Masons for about 10 years and there was no one in then. I tend to stick to the Nags Head, the Horse & Jockey or the Malin. On a match day before kick off it's 90% NBT and 10% Garrison; after the match I always head for a tour of Kelham Island.
  12. Pubs to watch tomorrow's game

    The Porter Brook is always decent if you're down Ecclesall Road. I think the landlord is a pig but there's always a strong Wednesday contingent in there when we're on TV.

    Surely you don't like the Shakey? It's overtaken the Ball as the worst pub in Hillsborough. You live in Malin Bridge- what's wrong with the Malin or even Champs?
  14. Not many hotels rooms left

    I booked mine after we beat Derby. Twin room in a central London Travelodge, Sunday 28th to Tuesday 30th. £128 total with free cancellation.