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  1. Yes, I was one of those who created a version of this when we signed him. it went: Super Trooper, We've got Gary Hooper, Always on the run, Scoring goals for fun, feeling like we're number one.
  2. Some proper flouncing on here. Dont mind Warnock personally, but that's irrelevant to the flouncing of others.
  3. Safety first innit.
  4. It's disappointing to see the amount of comments citing him earning a good wage as a reason why he shouldn't be entitled to a testimonial. I don't see how this is relevant at all? some of the comments seem bitter towards him as if it's his fault he's paid well to sit on the bench. I'm not saying he should have one, but money shouldn't come into it either way.
  5. Massively appreciate that Lomas! Phenomenal gesture. There are a few spaces available still on the away team (I'm number 17 on away team - left mid): Cheers again - absolutely choked by the support already!
  6. Thank you so much for the donation Spencerowl, and the continued messages on here. Alan - I will pass your message onto him! Cheers again guys.
  7. Thanks guys, and special thanks to Dan (Fred) who has just donated. UTO
  8. No, not like that. My future Father in Law (a Blade) has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. To raise money and awareness for prostate cancer (and for a bit of a laugh at my expense), I'm taking part in Football Aid on his behalf... For the Blades... For anyone who's not aware of Football Aid, what this basically means is that I have to wear full United kit and play at Bramall Lane with a bunch of other blades fans and two United legends (yet to be announced)...Yes, I did grit my teeth whilst writing that. In all seriousness, it's like they say, cancer has no colours, and the recent announcement of his illness has certainly put things in perspective for me. Three things to leave you with: If you'd like to donate, please visit For the record, my Father in Law didn't have any symptoms of prostate cancer whatsoever, he just saw the adverts encouraging people to go and have a test and so did...So I'd encourage any males over 50 to have a checkup - just for your peace of mind! Apologies if this is the wrong section of the site to post this Thanks for reasing Owlstalkers!
  9. Good luck to Stefan Payne for POTM.
  10. I don't disagree that it's been a poor performance, but why do people start these threads while the game is still on-going? The big picture is that we've acquired 4 points from two tough away games with a home game and the transfer window on the horizon. Happy New Year folks!
  11. After the great achievement against Newcastle, we can afford to draw this one. However, a win would obviously be superb (and prefered!).
  12. We definitely should not.
  13. Yes, Milan was a businessman. However, at the time he purchased us, we were an atrocity. What the hell was he thinking!? It's all very well in hindsight stating that he was looking to make money from us, but you can't deny there must have been some emotional will for him to help us, otherwise he wouldn't have touched us with a barge poll.
  14. looking at the top 6, the thing that is refreshing compared with last season is that we've already beaten 2 of these teams (out of 5; lost 2), and you could argue we've been better than 4/5 of the teams on the day (Norwich, Huddersfield, Bristol, Birmingham). I know it's still early days but I feel like today was the first time (this season) we've looked like the team we became last year when we got going. Only Brighton (out of the expected 'good' teams) have looked better than us overall, in my opinion. Obviously the Leeds and Burton results were disappointing, but you wouldn't fear playing either of them again now that we're (hopefully) hitting good form. Hopefully we're in for a positive rest of campaign. 1 Norwich City 12 8 2 2 24 16 8 26 2 Newcastle 12 8 1 3 25 11 14 25 3 Huddersfield 12 8 1 3 14 9 5 25 4 Brighton 12 6 4 2 16 9 7 22 5 Bristol City 12 6 2 4 20 14 6 20 6 Birmingham 12 5 5 2 15 12 3 20