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  1. I hope we give them the absolute minimum amount of tickets we are allowed to do If it was up to me, they wouldn't get any
  2. We Like To Party
  3. If we're signing him to improve the squad, I can live with that, he's better than Sasso, so he's an improvement. But he's one of those types I despise, always in the referee's ear, he congratulates the ref once he's conned him. I will be disappointed if he's a first team regular.
  4. Keough in Winnall out Not ITK, just guessing
  5. My money is on Richard Keough
  6. I'm told it will be blue and white You're welcome
  7. When the day comes when we select our team based on quota not ability Thats the day I rip my season ticket up
  8. One that can defend
  9. Thing is When you bring in young loan players, their clubs expect them to play, and not be sat on the bench Imagine being the player who makes way for a loanee and being sat on the bench while we develop young players for other clubs Whoever makes way will throw in a transfer request before you can blink It would create too much discord at our club We have enough players of our own, to be letting them rot on the bench
  10. As Oleta Adams once said I don't care how you get here, just get here when you can
  11. If you had spent less time on Facebook campaigning..............
  12. Can I be the first to boo Keough I hate players that are up the referee's arse, and Keough is one of those
  13. Springett was a must, only player in our history to win a world cup winners medal Noticed above, someone suggesting Kieran Lee Neither he, or anyone else in our current side would have got into the 91-93 side
  14. I'm on a roll, so I'll guess the third player Won the top division in consecutive seasons with Wednesday 418 Appearances, 140 goals I give you Ellis Rimmer
  15. If this doesn't get sorted out we can forget about promotion