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  1. Wendy She's a lovely lass
  2. I know the girl in the control box who announces stuff from time to time, is called Wendy, if that helps.
  3. This^^^^^^^ The other thing I've seen more of this season, which I don't particularly like, is the attempt to shut up shop by bringing Semedo on Not criticising Carlos, it is working, but it's making the end of games very nervy.
  4. Someone on here will know why
  5. @Cosmo I was going to do an Owlstalk awards instead, but there's so many deserving candidates so I thought better of it But you're right about that Sij fella Best newcomer by miles
  6. Best player. Keiren Westwood Most improved player. Jack Hunt. Best home performance. Norwich. Best away performance. Newcastle. Best away team. Brentford Best away player. Jota (Brentford) Best addition to the squad. Adam Reach
  7. Do you work at Forgemasters? I had this same discussion with a mate at work last week
  8. She's got Betty Davis Andy Keough eyes
  9. Sorry for your loss RIP Nigel
  10. I'd sooner we go for Hoolahan at Norwich, or Jota at Brentford
  11. What's happened to yours?
  12. I know Fulham will be the team to beat But Leeds not making the play offs will be so funny Especially in our house, half of the family are from Leeds, we go on holiday with 8 or 9 of them every year I know it could go boobies up for us if we don't go up But I can still laugh at my relatives for bottling the play offs
  13. Yeah I know that But if they lose to Brentford and need a win at Hillsborough I know it's unlikely But it would be fun if the week before they come to Hillsborough We fill Facebook, Twitter and everything else with 'We're All Fulham Aren't We?'
  14. Don't ever get married then.
  15. So, if we beat Ipswich and cement our place in the play offs If Fulham need to win at Hillsborough to knock Leeds out of the play offs Are we all supporting Fulham at Hillsborough?