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  1. Waddler
  2. Who would you like to see in our midfield And would you keep any of the names you've mentioned I'm a big admirer of Wallace, but I said at the end of last season that he was one of the players we should look to replace, that may sound weird, but you only improve by getting better than what you already have. Wallace has been a good player, but he's not getting any younger, I'd like us to find a younger variation, Tom Ince for instance.
  3. Wasn't the Op outed as a pig last year?
  4. The play offs are brilliant Without them we wouldn't have had Cardiff We wouldn't have played at New Wembley Losing twice changes nothing for me, they're still brilliant, and the still the best way to get promoted
  5. I wouldn't give them the lower Do what we did with Huddersfield Hopefully SAG will close the Lepp against them on safety grounds
  6. I'd give them the absolute minimum amount that we can Fuuck em
  7. Did he build that team Or just fall lucky
  8. What makes you think that? Serious question
  9. How does this work? My mother has a property in Spain, she makes 2 or 3 trips out there every year and stays between 2 and 6 weeks If I buy this, and register it to her address in Spain, how do I watch it in Sheffield? Its just for the away games
  10. Same as last season Centre half x2 presuming Sasso goes Left Back Central Midfield Beast 1 Winger, possibly 2 Jota from Brentford and one other please Powerful Striker with pace, someone like Asombalonga. We didnt address these short comings last season, and the need is the same
  11. This^^^^^^^
  12. My message to you all is the same – together we will be back because football is now in my blood and Sheffield Wednesday is in my heart. I love this bit, we are so lucky to have this guy leading us
  13. Always use the Antoinette in Kingston. Cancelled it about a hour ago. On on the bright side, losing has saved me a bloody fortune Im on nights on 28th and 29th, and having already used all my holiday entitlement up, I would have had to take unpaid leave Add on the hotel, tickets, travel, etc, I think it's a saving of around 800 Would have loved to have won, but every cloud and all that
  14. Well done for last night Steve We huffed and puffed but never really looked like scoring But it's difficult when two of your midfield players are constantly dropping into centre half positions Having said that, Hutchinson and Bannan had good games, but need to do it further up the pitch Now go and smash those southern softies
  15. Someone's dumped a bed on the bridge?