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  1. Boyd

    I thought he was a bit mardy The poor steward only wanted a hug
  2. Boyd Tells Steward to go to Specsavers

    Hahaha Stewards though
  3. 'Sit Anywhere' stands...

    Sit anywhere stands would probably only benefit the people who want to sit with their mates, like the River Island Crew, these guys wouldn't be seen dead wearing a Wednesday shirt, perhaps if the offer included a voucher code to spend at their favourite retailer instead.
  4. Official match day picture thread

    Anyone else see an Owl?
  5. Fessi swap deal?

    Agree with the big fee, but match winner, not so sure Yeah he's exciting, yeah he's got a trick, but in the big games he doesn't turn up, remember Wembley, remember Huddersfield home and away, remember Norwich Get a decent fee of at least 9 million, and I'd be well happy
  6. Fessi swap deal?

    Heard a rumour last night he was speaking to Celtic Probably a load of round uns, but I thought I would share
  7. Roland Nilsson first player on the dream wall

    So opinions aren't welcome on a site about.............opinions
  8. Roland Nilsson first player on the dream wall

    The way I see it If something like this is commissioned for our 200th anniversary, Bullen won't get a vote, whereas many of the other players on the print will He's just been included to placate our younger generation No player of the last 15 years should have made the cut This project could have been something special, when I first heard of the concept, I said this was far too important an item to be left to supports No disrespect intended, but how can a journeyman player make the cut It beggars belief
  9. Roland Nilsson first player on the dream wall

    In my opinion there should not be any shirt fillers in this just to placate a certain generation. If all our legends came in a bygone era, that's just unfortunate, but that's how it should be People in 50 years time will look back at this and think Bullen, what were people thinking? No disrespect intended, but people should have seen past their own generation, and seen the greater picture In this case it is not
  10. Official Summer 2017 Transfer Window Rumours Thread

    Can see us leaving it to the last couple of hours of the window to get someone in Really no point though Carlos will stick him on the bench til the next window
  11. Is this just me?

    Never really been one for cars, I always have something reliable that gets me from A to B Currently own a 12 plate Astra 1.7, that I've had for 5 years, it had 11.000 on the clock when I bought it, it now has 32.000 Before that I had a 2.0 Focus, kept that for 8 years Methinks at 58 years old, my midlife crisis better hurry itself up or I'm in danger of missing it
  12. Is this just me?

    Midlife crisis?
  13. Official Summer 2017 Transfer Window Rumours Thread

    I like 33, he's a lovely bloke, and he's not that old
  14. Is this just me?

    Why have you got bluetooth on? It will drain your battery