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  1. I doubt Semedo would retire at 32 to take up a coaching role. Maybe he'll do what Lee Bullen did, left to continue his playing career for a few more years then come back in a coaching role if the club wanted him.
  2. Personally I would have preferred blue & white stripes for the 150th anniversary but it's the chairman's choice & it will sell well regardless of design as it's celebrating the milestone
  3. Chesterfield have never played in the Championship. Sheridan got them promoted to league 1 then relegated the following season
  4. Not on sky, kick off changed due to police advice. Rotherham game on Tuesday night is on Sky
  5. They've thanked him for handing them 3 points.
  6. Every player has his price so if it's too good to turn down he'll be off. At the moment he's just "potential" nobody knows if he'll make it in the championship/premiership
  7. Expectations are obviously higher due to carvalhal having more money to spend than all the previous managers put together since relegation in 2000. But we should be happy still being in 6th place as performances have been below par the majority of the season. Hopefully we'll click over the next few weeks and see some more entertaining football
  8. Just sour grapes from Wagner. He showed he's got no plan b as a manager, just panic's and puts his centre backs up as forwards
  9. He doesn't look a £5million pound player judging from the performances he's put in since joining us
  10. The same Middlesbrough who spanked us at the weekend!!
  11. Might be a chance to see Abdi in an attacking midfield role behind Joao or Fletcher as a lone striker
  12. Not impressed in any of the starts he was given in the early part of the season & have to assume he's not impressing in training to no longer make the 18 man squad
  13. Be nice to give the Blades a good Thrashing!
  14. So we're struggling to attract a new kit manufacturer then