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  1. Went in the home end last season with my father in law who supports Forest. Was the hardest 90 minutes I've had at a football match trying to keep quiet. Kept my cover until after the final whistle when the players were walking back to the tunnel after going over to the away end and started to clap. Turns out there were loads of other Wednesday fans in there waiting to clap them off as well. Was ok cos the forest fans had long gone!
  2. That caller after Carlos was so bitter it was unreal. Why are the likes of Barnsley and Rotherham fans so obsessed with us that it takes over their lives?! They both really hate us when we couldn't really care less about them.
  3. Me, my dad and uncle take it in turns to drive from Barnsley. We always park on that estate up harries road opposite the park near forty foot. We drink in the ground and watch whatever match is on. Nothing exciting but been going with my dad for 30 years and I enjoy that father and son time we have. I'm hoping to take my 2 daughters to their first match this season to continue the tradition.
  4. We have a shocking record against Derby. Having said that I have been to Derby 4 times and not seen us lose! Went in 2000 when we drew 3-3 (still having therapy for this one), 2006 when we won 2-0 last match of the season (incidentally up there with my best away days), cup match 2008 2-2 and then epic away day on opening day in 2012 when we drew 2-2 and I was extremely drunk! need to beat them cos I hate how they seem to copy our songs and also now sing those awful nananana ooooooohhhh f*****g songs!
  5. Was that the match they were appealing for handball every 2 minutes! Cue thousands of Wednesday fans shouting 'handball' everytime we touched the ball!
  6. Was that the 'handball' match? If so, it's up there with my favourite away days. But any away win at Barnsley is my favourite!
  7. Family tradition. I didn't have a choice and wouldn't have it any other way. Despite not living in Sheffield my dad's side are from Sheffield and it's passed on generation to generation. My grandad was, my dad is, I am and now my daughters are. You don't choose, you are chosen. You belong.
  8. Best atmosphere - either Derby 2005 (last match of the season, 5,000 strong and won 2-0), Derby (first match back in championship, 6,500 wednesdayites and drew 2-2), forest 1992 (won 2-0 on route to European qualification. Wednesday fans all over the ground) Best result - Barnsley 0-3 (2006) & Forest 0-3 (2016) Best ending at an away match - Derby 2-2 Reda in the last minute - cue 6,500 bouncing Wednesday fans. Worst result at an away match - Arsenal 7-1 (1992) Coldest at an away match - Bolton (Boxing Day late 90's) Worst experience at an away match - pigs 1991, right hard fans kicking the car when they found out we were Wednesday. I was 11, well done pigs me and my dad really wanted it with you! Derby 2000. 3-1 up in last minute and throw it away to draw 3-3. To this day I say that match relegated us, we lost hope after that.
  9. Arsenal was 7-1 but agree that was a long journey home. Think they scored 6 in about 20 minutes.
  10. I recognised him from his picture instantly but he did looked older and more frail than I remember. I used to see him walking down to the ground while we were sat in the car, and the sight of him in his red trousers, parka and blue and white scarf would make us smile. He always carried a bag which I presume housed his flask. I didn't know him other than that but my dad spoke to him regularly at headingley whilst watching the cricket. He did mention last time he saw him that he hadn't been well but was hoping it was behind him. Another Wednesdayite lost but not forgotten. RIP
  11. Couldnt believe I as hearing that. It almost made me want to call in myself and argue the point, but why give them the publicity! For years we have been accused of players playing in a negative environment at hillsborough. Then an upturn in results sees a more positive and encouraging atmosphere, so now every time a player loses the ball we should boo them instead of trying to encourage them?! Players know when they are having a bad game, they don't need us to tell them. They just need us to stay on their side and help them through it not boo them.
  12. Taken the image from another thread but can see where the cooling towers were in relation to the ground a little clearer
  13. If hey think we are 'a terrible team' they are in for a right shock when they play the likes of Rotherham and Barnsley! They have been spoils with premier league football for far too long that they don't have a clue what thus league is about. They are in for a rude awakening when teams don't come at them like we did and have 11 men behind the ball.
  14. Mine dropped through the door today. Block 233 with my dad and uncle. Can't wait now, come on Wednesday!
  15. Paid £10 to park on someone's drive in Stanmore. 11 minutes on train and after match while majority is going back in to London I'm going other way and off...