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  1. Didn't realise he was still only 20, probably because he's seemingly been here for about 30 years. Hopefully this new deal isn't simply a reward for what the U23s did last season, and they do actually feel he's close to making a step up. Good luck to him.
  2. Di Canio is a West Ham legend. Among the most talented players we've ever had, but definitely not a club legend imo.
  3. I'd be asked to leave for getting too involved, moaning about the lack of width and Bannan sitting too deep. Boooo, come on orange vests, should be battering these green vests, too f#cking negative!!
  4. So basically, we need to sign better players to do better? Have you emailed the club? They need to know.
  5. Billy Sharp Be a great partner for Hirst in the U23s
  6. No, a bum kiss fest would be the loved up nonsense that's been poured over Jose Semedo on here for the last few years. This is just a class defender with more ability and experience than any of our players will ever come close to achieving, the subject of a hypothetical question about whether or not he'd be good enough to play for us for a year or so. Saying that he's a great player and that I think he'd be more than capable of carrying the likes of Billy Sharp in his pocket for 1 more season, is hardly overstepping the mark. All completely irrelevant though, never coming here.
  7. Players wives would just think he's a dirty old man and laugh at him now, be reyt.
  8. Would have Terry over all of them if it were even remotely possible ( it's not ) Absolute class defender, no longer good enough for the PL champions, but at this level I'm sure he'd still teach every other CB a thing or two.
  9. No, not for a team aiming for top 2, talented lad but not a replacement for somebody of the standard of Sasso yet. When you consider the amount of football Sasso was required to play last season, if that were the case again this season it would be too much. Ideally we'll sign a reliable, long term partner for Lees and then have Loovens doing the Sasso job, then maybe one of the younger lads like O'Grady could be 4th choice, but I think we'd still be more likely to turn to Hutchinson in that case. Going to be tough for these young lads, hopefully one or 2 of them can do it though.
  10. Phenomenal player, even at his age he could dominate this division in his sleep. Not going to happen though
  11. Big wages and not really what we need. Nailed on to sign
  12. Maybe the people making the list watched us when we actually reached the play offs, personally I wouldn't say Carlos deserves to be in the top 10. Still though, some guff in that list that you wouldn't swap him for. Suppose they've got to have the lower leagues represented a bit though, it's like when they ranked Bradley Dack above Forestieri in the players list last season
  13. The greatest casualty of breaking my old tablet and having to buy a new one. Didn't back up the Derrick/Darius/Dan folder. Wait
  14. Did look for an editing website to make a "place anus here" image. Wasn't sure if we were there yet, pussied out This is in matchday isn't it?