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  1. Forward line

    Probably wouldn't bother risking Boyd, maybe give Matias a run instead. Unless he's broken again
  2. Looking stylish as ever Miguel.
  3. Joao

    Think he's a very poor player personally. But in today's market, he's probably worth 3 million, if he's not going to play surely we're looking to move him on.
  4. Do we all feel a bit better now?

    I think the team have shown what the fans would have wanted them to, backs against the wall, a lot of questions and criticism coming their way , they responded against Sunderland to an extent and they've backed it up today. Not made it easy to give them credit at times recently, but this week I agree, done very well.
  5. Do we all feel a bit better now?

    First win in 7 today. Depends how full your glass is. Think until the 2nd half on Wednesday night, the "poor start" was as much about the performances as the results. Hopefully a corner has been turned and we can have another winning run
  6. Daniel Pudil

    Why would you need Loovens against a physical side? Also Burton aren't a physical side, they're busy and get numbers into the box, but I'd back Pudil to deal with the likes of Sordell and Luke Varney with ease. If it ain't broke
  7. Do we all feel a bit better now?

    Yes. Much happier Today just backs up the frustrations that a lot of fans have been feeling. Nobody hates Carlos or any of the players, nobody wants them to fail to support some hidden hate fuelled agenda. Everybody knows that Wednesday are capable of good, professional performances like today and capable of good results, but for 6 games we've been scratching our heads wondering why a team with so much talent can't get out of its own half. the 2nd half against Sunderland was hopefully a turning point and we'll see more of the same from now on, starting with a comprehensive hammering of Burton, we owe them a couple after last year
  8. Daniel Pudil

    Quality international player who's legs are just going a bit. Only weakness at LB is that quicker players get around the outside of him too easily, he's not quick enough for LB, but looks like he's strong enough, clever enough and good enough for CB Could be a real find if he carries on.
  9. Who'll be gone by Aug 31st?

    I would expect Carlos to have until Christmas, as others have said the time to get rid was in the summer and we didn't, so why would that change now. However, if we don't win on Saturday that would be 7 competitive games without a win and at least 4 of them really bad performances. Could be a big game for him this weekend
  10. Fessi swap deal?

    £7 million + Sinclair Go on then
  11. Ross Wallace

    Bloody hell, no wonder we haven't got promoted then Steady player, bit 1 dimensional imo ( cut inside, floaty cross, repeat ) but hes reliable and works hard, can't fault him for that Nowhere near the best footballer we've got though
  12. Bit of faith restored

    Very small step in the right direction, but we'll take it Let's have that 2nd half performance from the off next time
  13. Adam Reach

    Have we finally removed the shackles?
  14. It is time

    Come on pal, even you don't find this funny anymore
  15. Owls v Sunderland stream here

    Gone offline now I enjoyed those 3 minutes of Sunderland holding the ball near our corner flag before half-time though Scintillating