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  1. Decent shout. Think though I'd prefer to see us sign a good, young CB and if he does well, Loovens can become the solid, reliable back up
  2. Knockaert is on a different level altogether compared to Reach and Wallace, but I think the main difference between him and Forestieri is consistency Knockaert does the business nearly every week, you know you're getting 8/10 from him on a crap day, whereas Forestieri has become a bit of a luxury, 1 in 5 type player, absolutely unplayable on his best days but a bit of a passenger on others. That wasn't the case in his first season with us, so hopefully if he's still here, he can get back to that level.
  3. Not bad. Down from 120 because Rhodes is already here.
  4. Mansfield Alfreton York Doncaster Big glamour tie away at West Brom to finish
  5. We have the forwards imo, if they can stay fit and available We don't quite have the quality in wide areas for me though, our players are perfectly decent and work hard but lets be honest, Wallace, Reach, Bannan, they wouldn't get in Brighton's side, nor Newcastle's, not as regular starters anyway. Need to be looking at improving certain areas to get to where those teams were last season, a genuine winger with pace ( and the confidence to use it ) has to be a priority.
  6. Has any manager ever really changed the way they do things? More to the point has a manager ever willingly admitted that things need to change? If they ever did
  7. No problem with that. Just hope it's written in the contract that every time he plays a central midfielder on the wing, he has to burn one of his beautiful coats
  8. It's become so expensive that people struggle to simply sit back and enjoy it the way they used to, we expect value for the ridiculously inflated cost, and rarely get it. Football is absolutely fantastic until you reach the age where you have to pay for it yourself.
  9. Definitely don't need much of a clear out imo, other than the obvious ones ( Semedo, McGugan etc ) but there are a few players that we need to look at and decide if they're really going to compete for automatic promotion, which surely has to be the target for next season. Players like Reach, Wallace, Bannan and a couple of others are good enough to contribute to a competitive championship squad and can do a job next season, but are we really going to be in the top 2 with them starting every week? Not for me and I'd like to see them become options rather than nailed on starters. Just hope we sign a good young CB, midfielder with some gonads and somebody with genuine pace out wide.
  10. Child, playing against children every week. Admittedly got plenty of talent, but some of the people begging for him to get a chance in a team that wants promotion to the PL are probably going to be pretty disappointed when he does. Get him out on loan next season and see how he goes
  11. I like going into the play offs with the best squad by a distance and sitting back in our own box for nearly 180 minutes. 100 fan points to me. You're allowed to be unhappy when your team plays like sh#t and loses, just like you're allowed to be over the moon and smear your nob across everybody's face when they win. It's not "moaner or clapper" it's human emotion, I'd be pretty worried if we played as badly as we have in this 2 legged tie and lost, and everybody on here was happy and celebrating into the night, f#ck that.
  12. We were told he was carrying a knock and every time he's played in the last few games ( since he came on against Derby ) it's looked to be true, if so why play him? Crap tonight and another missed penalty, not good.
  13. Might be an overreaction but the 2 legs of the semi final were exactly the same as the final last season. I like Carlos, but the fact is that in the biggest games we've played we simply aren't turning up,. Getting close is fine, but going out with such a gutless whimper is not. Negative, defensive approach in the first leg was understandable, but not today, We're still in the championship, and we deserve to be.
  14. Bit like saying the last I knew I had a Labrador not a dog