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  1. Bench wasn't good last time, putting Helan on was a truly terrible decision too. Fortunately he's got unbelievably good options to choose from this time, hopefully we still have McManaman during the play offs.. not sure if that's the case
  2. Across the road, but basically yes. Tube station is 30 yards away regardless of whether you arrive at St Pancras or Kings Cross, as are a couple of pubs
  3. It's as though Huddersfield have suddenly gone "hang on a minute, we're Huddersfield, what are we doing up here?" Having a poorly timed wobble, but I expect them to get something tonight.
  4. Exactly where we'd all like to spend an evening with Carlos. Imagine just 2 hours of talking football and trying on coats. Heaven
  5. Did he have his lovely coat on?
  6. He was good last season, but the last few games have been the best we've seen of Pudil imo.
  7. Was about to post the same picture Nice to see somebody else shares my horrendous sense of humour
  9. He's entitled to play, and they're more than entitled to sign him The only problem with it though, is that all other unfortunate business aside, he's nowhere near good enough.
  10. Wallace has been excellent at times, but it's either Hunt or Hutchinson for me.
  11. Enjoyed the close up shots of his arse when he celebrated Always wondered what it looked like.
  12. Surprised and disappointed that we haven't used McManaman more, although it doesn't matter considering the results we've had recently. Felt he could have come on in 2nd half against Derby though, he'd have terrified Chris Baird down that side. Still, nice problems to have if you're struggling to get a player like that on the pitch.
  13. Get it done next week, then I don't care if George Hirst is the most experienced player in the side against Fulham, just get ready for the play offs.
  14. I was going mental at 1-0 because we seemed to totally fall apart for 5 minutes or so afterwards, it was like the players were bricking it too they couldn't do a thing right. Poor lads can't win though because during wild celebrations after Hooper scored, I looked at the clock and said "sh#t, there's too long left, heart can't take it" in a strange way I felt better at 1-1
  15. "Let it go, Let it go"