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  1. That would be an ambitious signing.
  2. Think Jon Newsome just spunked himself.
  3. 2-3

    Definite and deliberate handball. He jumped with his arm up to block the clearance. Was right to send him off for putting his hands on the ref too.
  4. Good work. Love these threads. (I've spotted a typo BTW, you've got Fulham down as beating Brum last week but they lost).
  5. This. Norwich are the 2nd highest scorers in the division. They managed 3 shots on target tonight.
  6. FT!
  7. 2-2
  8. Grigg came on for them at half time so they might actually be playing 2 up front for a change.
  9. Bogle again.
  10. 2-1!
  11. Bogle scores on his full debut for Wigan.
  12. 1-1