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  2. Bywater was crackers. He would have ripped the lad's head off and ran around the pitch wearing his skin as a onesie.
  3. There are 2 managers who I'd be confident could get the best out of our squad; Neil Warnock and Steve Evans. I wouldn't want either of them, for obvious reasons. We missed out on Bruce and Allardyce. Karanka's too temperamental and disruptive. Pardew is odious and his teams go on huge losing runs. Pearson comes across as mentally unstable and has previously stated he wouldn't want the job. McLaren is cràp. I can't see Monk or Stam jumping ship. Wagner or Jokanovic may be interested by the promise of a larger salary and budget, but even then it's not a certainty they'd join, although I'd be happy with either. Heckingbottom would be a huge gamble. Truth be told, there just don't seem to be many realistic, outstanding candidates. If we do end up searching for a new manager in the Summer, it wouldn't surprise me if we ended up with another leftfield foreign appointment. I'd much rather have someone with a proven Championship record.
  4. Fair enough. It can work (i.e. Leicester), but it can go the other way as well and make a team worse (Wilson out/Morgan in at the pigs). I don't think we're in such a desperate position to justify taking that gamble, but I can understand why some might want to.
  5. We do have something to lose though - the opportunity to make a decent appointment. Unless you're planning on just giving Bullen the job until the end of the season, we'll end up appointing a has-been like McClaren or Pardew on big wages and a long term deal. If we wait until the summer, we can go all out to get a better quality of manager such as Jokanovic or Wagner. There's not a cat in hell's chance of them joining us now, but in the summer it might be a different matter if they haven't been promoted. Meanwhile, our chances of promotion are looking increasingly slim, but there is still a chance. Sticking with Carlos and getting behind him for the rest of the season really is our best option in my opinion.
  6. I don't know if his team would have done better, but I suspect if Gray was in charge of the current squad, we'd be doing better. It was very rare that we played 2 poor games in a row under Gray - we always seemed to get a positive reaction after a defeat. In any case, it's too late to change things now. Bullen isn't going to do any better on his own. I don't want McClaren, Pearson or Pardew anywhere near our club. Carlos deserves to see out the season and we should assess things then.
  7. He obviously didn't see Chris Powell's Charlton side time wasting after 4 minutes in our promotion season.
  8. We did have Claridge on trial towards the end of his career. Think he played in a behind closed doors match at Hillborough, but we didn't offer him a contract.
  9. It is also available on Freeview channel 734 if anyone has access to that. I don't know if that's region specific or if you can get it nationwide.
  10. The pre match build up will be online. As soon as the players are ready to kick off it will be blocked online. That's why you need Wednesday Player if you want to listen online.
  11. The stat is largely meaningless without context. Without having looked it up, I suspect Chris Wilder probably has the best win percentage of any manager in United's history. Does that make him a better manager than John Harris, Dave Bassett and Neil Warnock? And spending 10 times as much money (and that's probably a conservative estimate). I'm not a Carlos 'outer' by any means. I've always said he deserves until the end of the season as a minimum to prove the doubters wrong. But I'm also of the opinion that Stuart Gray did a better job for us, given what he had to work with, than Carlos has done so far.
  12. It's not - the application is for a fascia sign as shown. The image in the OP is exactly what's being proposed.