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  1. I can see mcmanaman being the next mcgeady and having a good game against us next time we play. I don't think his attitude is great though, if he had wallaces attitude I would sign him straight away.
  2. I don't think we should mate. If so why didn't we donate to the London victims a couple of weeks ago. I know this is closer to home, but as some have said the club can't donate to every tragedy. It also does a lot for local charities at present and we should be grateful they do that as they don't have to.
  3. Hirst...it could happen
  4. Seriously is this a joke
  5. Iorfa or as the wolves fans call him iawful! We don't need a right back, hunt is decent and good enough for the championship. Leadbitter would be a good signing.
  6. The number of seasons since they last lost a league game I believe
  7. We were solid today and will win easy on Wednesday night.
  8. Loovens has one of them every game. It's over now, we will win this 1-0
  9. Passing needs to improve but we have looked pretty solid.
  10. I think fernando will start
  11. I work for marston's brewery in wolves and will check the local pubs next Monday for you pal.
  12. Passed it.watched he Lincoln v Ipswich highlights. He was awful
  13. It's hard to compare old to new grounds because the costs have gone up. The working class have in some cases been priced out and this has meant the crowds aren't as loud - as the more well to do fan will want to sit down and enjoy be spectacle of the game and not the boisterous chants. New grounds can be loud though. The club just needs to organise a spot in the ground for the home fan that wants to sing like it's an away game. Moving to a ground usually means these fans get spread around the stadium so there is no traditional area where the songs start.
  14. Agreed, can't see him staying unless we go up. The moaners will be happy but in my opinion we will regress without him.