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  1. Yes. We def need to get one of these future stars on loan for a season
  2. Wade small on the Derek Redmond leg
  3. Iorfa is awful, next.
  4. Buffon is 40 and is still class. Westwood can go on for at least another 4 years so we need to keep him.
  5. I work in wolves and my colleagues all say he isn't good enough at this level.
  6. No thanks useless
  7. Chansiri is back in the country I bet some announcement about the kit will happen in the next week
  8. Saw this of him and he looks sh!te
  9. He would but we aren't paying £10m for him no chance
  10. All on here https://www.swfc.co.uk/teams/u18-team/
  11. https://www.swfc.co.uk/teams/u18-team/defender/josh-dawodu/ its on the official site
  12. Personal Info Career Photo's Videos First Name: Eyad Last Name:HAMMOUD Date of Birth: 24-07-2001 Nationality: Bulgaria EU-Passport: Yes Maritual status: Height (cm): 165 Weight (kg): 57 Preferred Position: Centre Forward Other Position: Striker - Midfielder - central, attacking - Midfielder - central, playmaker Current Club:Sheffield Wednesday FC Contract Expiration: 30-06-2019 Current Club league's name: U18 Level of the league: Level U19 - U19 Youth League Type of Player´s Registration: Youth Player Foot: Both - but right preferred Players Profile: Eyad is a center forward with good technical skills (he is very skilled in tight spaces), fast (with and without the ball), with a good vision of the game and a good positioning in the field. He likes to use the spaces and play in the back of the defense. Eyad is a real goalscorer. Achievements: January 2017: Elected "Bulgarian football most promising player of the year 2016" Since November 2016: Member of the L1 squad Since 2016: International player U16 and U17 2015-2016: Final of the Bulgarian cup U16 December 2015: Elected "best player U15" of the year 2015 July 2015: Trial at Stoke City FC April 2015: Trial at Arsenal FC 2014-2015: 1/2 final of the Bulgarian cup 2001. 2013-2014: Best goalscorer of the Bulgarian championship (Team 2001). 2013-2014: Elected "best player" of PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv (Teams 2000, 2001, 2002). 2012-2013: Elected 2nd best player of PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv (Teams 1999, 2000, 2001). 2012-2013: Best goalscorer of the Bulgarian championship (Team 2001). 2012-2013: Elected "best player" of the International tournament at Albena (Bulgaria). 2011-2012: Elected 3rd best player of PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv (Teams 1998, 1999, 2000) . 2011-2012: Elected "best player" of the International tournament at Albena (Bulgaria). Other Information: Eyad has a dual nationality: Lebanese and Bulgarian. 2015-2016: Eyad played with 4 teams (U15, U16, U17 and U19) during the season.
  13. We need to go out and get Jordan graham from wolves, he could be available if the price is right
  14. Promoted by March - easy
  15. A Plymouth fan came into my office at work last week and said the same thing I questioned whether it was meant to be the blades, but they obviously have never heard of them - only one team in Sheffield