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  1. Finally paid out.
  2. Bet365 w@nkers. dont know why it's been made void
  3. My choice would be Thunderstruck. I think there is definitely a chant in here somewhere. Just replace the thunder intro lyric with Wednesday and it's sorted
  4. After scoring a wonder goal
  5. Joao 3 - 3 Rhodes since the end of Jan transfers.
  6. How are they a waste of time club? They have gone all they way up from the non league to play is in the Championship. Fair play to them, we haven't managed to beat them in both games which must be 2 of the biggest results in their history - and that's being serious.
  7. Wallace surely
  8. My first shirt as a 6 year old. Loved it
  9. Worth a bet on him getting a red if he starts on Saturday.
  10. Looks rapid running away from his team mates and good composure for his goal. Sign him up
  11. Can't believe no one has mentioned it but what was loovens doing after the pen? Westwood saves it and he watches it out for a throw in to forest
  12. Good. Be delighted to sneak in
  13. Well maybe now I do understand this adbi obsession!!!
  14. I don't understand this abdi obsession. From what i have seen he is short of a yard of pace, from what I saw of him albeit on YouTube from his Watford days. Bannan has done ok, he got an assist yesterday and has been part of a team that is second by one point in the form table. Keep him in I say and if he isn't having a decent game abdi can come on and show us what he is worth.
  15. We have ended every season poorly looking at that. If we don't beat last seasons total something is wrong. 80 points should be the minimum aim