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  1. Maths is flawed... ....half those 'members' are Neilz
  2. Excellent Ryan....you do realise you are not allowed to go out on a satdi neet this coming season until the graph has been updated....
  3. Well done lads looking forward to Graph blokes updated chart...
  4. For the best attacking outfield player in Championship after Knockaert? 25M
  5. You are right. It will be a 'factory' in a 3rd world country...
  6. Off to Join Harry Redknapp at Brum apparently...
  7. FF

    He was texting his agent to find out about his replacement Lacatoni - signing on a free from Inter Milan...
  8. He's got it in him. That debut goal away at QPR was fantastic - including the skill to get himself in a position to shoot - set the standard for me. Its a shame we have not seen more other than glimpses of him taking opportunities when he is far better on the ground than folk give him credit for.
  9. So the players are electric in training afterall.....
  10. Both Leeds first choice CBs were excellent last season. Would prefer either over Hanley to be honest...much more more athletic.
  12. Spot on BRS - had a reversible home and away one IIRC.. Wouldn't let mine be washed either because that happened to the cardboard peak. Blue and grey segments after a couple of seasons...
  13. The only Ireland manager worth listening to is Jack Charlton....