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  1. Indeed - but I would not be surprised to see Leeds go down the Watford route of running a football club. Neither would I be surprised to see wholesale changes on the playing side which may take a year or so to settle down.
  2. They made him offer knowing it would not be sufficient to entice him to extend his contract? In a similar way to us perhaps before DC - where 'they did everything in their power to keep the individual'?
  3. The club or the site? All for simplification and removal of peripheral guff tbh...
  4. Must not lose sight how far we have come and possibly how we have got here. We must learn from the mistakes of last year and we must be better.
  5. Great news for continuity and stability. I hope CC and DC go and get the players we need to scare the living daylights out of this division. We need to get our act together in a system we know we are good at over the summer and get stuck in from day one.
  6. I know......
  7. Or The White House it would seem....
  8. Some old codger who sits on the north who thinks he's 21 again....
  9. Welcome to pop round. Two cups of coffee each... Patio set was from B&Q..
  10. I'm all for a few Spearmint Rhino themed toilets at the back of the North - it might give me a fighting chance of securing a pie and oxo before the second half kicks off....
  11. FAKE. Far too bright and sunny. There has been permanent black clouds in my house since Wednesday...
  12. Go back and read my first post. It appears to be you who has introduced frequency to this. Its been an emotional week - go and have a rest laddie.
  13. REPUTATION = widespread belief that someone or something has a particular characteristic. The particular characteristic being he scores goals from range - not the frequency. I was commenting more on your belief that 4 years was half a decade. Once again, don't let facts get in the way of arrogance...
  14. Once again, Not even 100% accurate.