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  1. club shop webiste?
  2. Bannan & Lee were class but Bannan edged it for me today
  3. 2-0 Rhodes, Fessi
  4. Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Fox Macmanaman Jones Bannan Reach Fessi Rhodes
  5. Alan Nixon ‏@reluctantnicko 1m1 minute ago More Jordan Rhodes. Terms now being sorted. Scary moment. Sheff Wed should have their man.
  6. I'd go with: Westwood Palmer Hutch Lees Pudil Lee Bannan Forestieri Abdi Reach Fletcher Just to see if Abdi can get a spark going. If not, replace him with Hooper as his link up play with Fletch when he came on Saturday was great.
  7. This
  8. After going to Burton, this is the team for me, Abdi has to play but not out wide! Westwood Palmer Lees Hutch Pudil Lee Abdi Bannan Forestieri Fletcher Buckley
  9. Newcastle Norwich -- Wednesday Derby Brighton Villa -- Barnsley Rotherham Burton
  10. I'd go with: Westwood Hunt -Lees - Hutch - Pudil Wallace - Lee - Abdi - Bannan - Forestieri Fletcher